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The Military Forces under the Command of Maximillion Vi Britannia and is everything that the regular Britannian Corps desire to become, during the Invasion of Japan they were the rookies however their training methods burned out fear.


The 26th Army, the 8th Aerial Fleet and the 3rd Naval Fleet are all the aspiration needed for regular Britannian Forces to aspire to and anything to date that has been commited with heinous acts such as mass murder has been disregarded by the populace as neccesity, the local populace of the Britannian Homeland that there is no point in having a group of emotionless and regretless soldiers if they are not going to be put to good use, Maximillion's agressive personality keeps the 26th Army on their toes as they are usually in the line of fire from Maximillion's Core Fleet: the 8th Aerial Fleet.

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