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A Britannian Naval Fleet ported at Panama, it is thus far under the Command of Maximillion Vi Britannia and has been the the largest fleet in South America, aided by the 8th Britannian Aerial Fleet it is a deadly force in combat.


The 3rd Britannian Naval Fleet are everything that the rest of the Britannian Naval Forces desire to become, the Britannian Aerial Forces as well as the 8th Britannian Aerial Fleet to the Naval Forces and the 26th Britannian Army to the Army, are the pride of Britannia with their power and fearlessness being renowned alongside their leader: Maximillion Vi Britannia.

Together with the 26th Britannian Army, 8th Britannian Aerial Fleet and the Special Black Ops Unit: the "Thor Squadron", this Fleet makes up the Wide-Area Response Brigade which is more famously known as the "Cavalry".




  • Trident-Class Bomber

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