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The Adler class military floatship is a multirole aircraft operated by the European Ultra-Union in Sum of Our Choices





EFS Adler

Unit Type

Military Floatship




European Ultra-Union


  • Length 400 metres
  • Wingspan 900 metres
  • Height 100 metres


149,000 metric tons


4x Dorsal Heavy Coilguns

4x Ventral Heavy Coilguns

4x Dorsal VLS

4x Ventral VLS

8x Point Defence NPB




Type-D Advanced Composite

Compound Energy Shields

1x EUROFORCE Airborne Brigade

4x Ornithopter Gunships

8x Multirole Ornithopters


The Adler appears as a somewhat-stylized Golden Eagle, with the only major difference being a panoramic visor in place of the eyes.



The Adler project was begun in response to Britannian inquiries into the potential uses of repulsor technology. The Project Committee, after much debate, agreed on a series of basic requirements. They concluded that the reasons for floatships as opposed to conventional aircraft were their ability to carry heavier loads, the ability to land off and land vertically (VTOL), and the ability to hover, meaning that a floatship could hold station over a given area in a way that conventional aircraft could not. As such, the design would need to be resilient, heavily-armed, and capable of carrying a tactically independent formation of significant size. The Adler was thus concieved.

The first conclusion of the Committee was that the required design would have to be big, indeed, larger than anything previously built. Smaller designs, they concluded, would defeat the point of floatships, in that they would be unable to carry the firepower or complement necessary to perform their intended function, and would be insufficiently resilient. The mixed performance of the Britannian Caerleon escort appeared to vindicate their conclusions. The sheer expense of the project caused significant disquiet, though opposition largely evapourated in the face of Britannian aggression.

Armaments and Sensors[]

The Adler is armed with a total of 8x heavy coilguns, 4x in dorsal turrets, 4x in ventral turrets. These are matched by 8x cold-launch Vertical Launch Systems, arranged in the same fashion. The VLS' are capable of firing cruise missiles of varying types, along with anti-aircraft missiles. Point Defence is provided by 8x Heavy Particle Beam turrets.


The Adler's energy shields are a derivative of Britannian Blaze Luminous technology, their blue colour distinguishing them from the Britannian green. The technology itself was sourced from wrecked Britannian floatships, though it was necessary to scavenge parts from dozens of such wrecks in order to assemble a working system. The shields function in much the same manner as the Blaze Luminous, despite their differing colour.


The Adler is designed to carry a single EUROFORCE Airborne Brigade, including its vehicles and stores. It also carries 8x multirole ornithopters and 4x ornithopter gunships as standard.

Service History[]

more to come