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"The Aegis Class Aerial Carrier is the first-ever aerial carrier in the world, while other ships come close, they do not have the sheer carrying capacity of the Aegis and its sister ships. It also does not just carry aerial knightmare frames like any other modern airship design but other craft like VTOL Gunships and Transports giving the Aegis an extra capability over that of other airship designs... "
―Taken from the entry for the Aegis Class from the Second Anemoi's Guide to Airships, Published March, 2035

The Aegis Class Aerial Carrier, is the Kingdom of Orb's mainline airship design that was developed out of the Fei Lian Class Superheavy Aerial Transport Craft of the Chinese Federation. It is also the only true aerial carrier ever to be introduced in the entire world with it able to carry heavy amounts of knigtmare frames and VTOL Craft to allow it easily flood its nearby airspace with its carried units. Also thanks to its newly developed Type-000 "Svalinn" Absolute Defense Shield is one of the most defended airship allowing it to easily allow it to make in range to launch its knightmares and VTOLs.


The Aegis Class had once been massive Fei Lian Class Superheavy Aerial Transport Craft used by the Chinese Federation to transport heavy armor battalions with supporting cargo to anywhere in the Federation, but where completely rebuilt to serve as heavy aerial carriers for the Kingdom of Orb. The resulting Aegis Class ships remain looking quite similar to their Fei Lian cousins but now sport a blue and white paintjob.


Like mentioned the Aegis Class retains the main look of the older Fei Lian Class but numerous changes were made to the old air transport plane. Since the Fei Lian was notable as being a slow and unwieldy transport plane which is something need to be improved. Hence, once Morgenroete Engineering got their hands on the three Fei Lian Class planes found on the Orb Islands when they were first transferred over to the control of the Black Knights right before the formation of the United Federation of Nations. First off, the Aegis Class sports a new Type-10 Aurora Air Glide Wing System replacing the vastly inefficient heavy jet engines allowing for a vast improvement to its speed and maneuverability. Not to mention the easier ability to land pretty much anywhere when it was required. However, unlike other airships equipped with an Air Glide Wing System the Aegis Class is not able to be used underwater mainly due to its former existence of a large superheavy aircraft.

To power this new large aerial carrier would be a pair of large TANTALUS Series Shipboard Yggdrasil Drives replacing the large fuel tanks that barely allowed the old Fei Lian to fly from one end of the Federation to the other end. Then the large cargo bay that allowed the Fei Lian to carry a whole heavy armor battalion would be converted over to a large multi-level hangar facility for the use of numerous knightmare frames and VTOL Craft. Also added to the former cargo bay was the removal of much of the different exterior hatches for the easy loading and unloading of cargo. Only the rear loading hatches remaining for the use of retrieving its deployed units and the addition of six linear catapults built into the base of either wing allowing for a rapid launch of its carried units into combat.

The next major additions done to the old transport planes would be the mounting of a series of weapons to the hull of the former transport aircraft which a half-dozen medium high-velocity cannons and twenty CIWS Guns. The latter of which were spread across the entire hull of the of the airship giving the guns a decent coverage to intercept any incoming enemy missiles, VTOLs, or aerial knightmare frames. Then a series of a half-dozen Type-13 Slash Anchors would be placed along the airship for the general use of anchoring and other uses similar to the airships of the Order of the Black Knights. Finally, the Type-000 "Svalinn" Absolute Defense Shield was added which gave the Aegis its class name and its overall sturdiness compared to other airship designs.

The Aegis Class Aerial Carrier is capable of carrying a hundred forty four knightmare frames, forty eight VTOL craft, and up to eight Float Shuttles though it should be noted that it is quite rare for the Aegis Class ships to carry a full load of units mainly due to manpower issues and not really needing to carry so many units outside of total war. It also sported a crew of two thousand souls and could carry somewhere around fifteen thousand tons of cargo allowing a single Aegis Class to run lengthy patrols if required thought it not often does so all that much in the scheme of things. Mainly, due to the three ships of the class are mainly used to patrol the general airspace around the main Orb Island and its surrounding smaller islets which does not take all that long. The Aegis Class thanks to its ability to carry a large amount of cargo and its ability to pretty much land anywhere is also designed to serve the secondary mission of supporting disaster relief missions or more basic relief missions.

Overall, the Aegis Class Aerial Carrier is not only the first ever true aerial carrier design in the world, but the largest ever airship design in the world. The three ships produced for the Orb Defense Forces are alongside the eight Broadsword Class Aerial Destroyers the only airships of Orb after the captured Ikaruga Class Aerial Battleship was handed back over to the control of the United Federation of Nations after the success of the Midway Conference. It would partly be thanks to the heavy carrying capacity of the Aegis Class that would prevent the Holy Britannian Empire or any other medium-sized power from invading the small island country.


Type-002 75mm High-Velocity Cannon[]

The Type-002 Cannons are basically a larger cloned version of the Type-C3 35cm High-Velocity Cannons used onboard the vastly smaller Kamikaze Class Aerial Destroyer of the Black Knights Airfleet. These six cannons are spread across the hull of the airship, with four of the weapons placed on the tips of the wings, one on the ventral hull right behind the airship's bridge, and the final one placed along the airship's belly. The final cannon is also the only cannon of the six to be able to retract into the hull. This was mostly due to the Aegis Class quite capable of landing anywhere including water or on the ground. That said, these cannons really do not have the power to really allow the large carrier to fully fight against an enemy airship. Hence, these cannons are mostly used to support ground operations, supporting its deployed units, or to keep light enemy airships away from itself.

Type-022 20mm CIWS Guns[]

The Type-022 CIWS Guns are heavily based on the M24E CIWS Guns used on Britannian Navy Ships for close in defense. This comes about after the engineers at Morgenroete Engineering noticing a few issues with the pivot-like CIWS Gun Turrets on other airship designs had some issues. Therefore, the return of the full turret CIWS placement with this design. Overall, the Type-022 CIWS Gun placement can use both tungsten armor-piercing rounds or anti-air explosive rounds depending on choice of target.

System Features[]

Type-000 "Svalinn" Absolute Defense Shield

The Type-000 "Svalinn" Absolute Defense Shield was originally designed by an unknown engineer at the Chawla Design Group after the success of the Absolute Defense Field on the Type-0/0A Shinkiro Command Knightmare Frame. However, there were plenty of problems with the design mainly trying to keep the different sub-fields of the overall larger system together. Somehow the initial design schematics for the new system would end up in the hands of the newly formed Morgenroete Engineering who would fix the major issue with the system in designing a dedicated control system using three operators on the ship's bridge. The resulting system wasn't as good as the Shinkiro's Druid-powered Absolute Defense Field was still far superior over any other airship shield system.

Type-10 "Aurora" Air Glide Wing System

The Type-10 "Aurora" Air Glide Wing System is a more simple version of the Type 100A Air Glide Wing System used on the Ikaruga that allows the Aegis Class to land anywhere including water as well as allowing the large carrier to float through the air. Really, the "Aurora" isn't just one system but three different smaller systems linked together allowing the massive-sized aerial carrier to move in the air. If two of these systems are destroyed or damaged the Aegis Class can make an emergency landing for the remaining system would not be able to keep the large airship in the air by itself.

Type-13 Slash Anchors

Like the Slash Anchors used by the Black Knight Airship Fleet the Type-13 Slash Anchors are used for anchoring the Aegis Class when it lands, and can be used for other similar purposes when it is required. The Aegis Class sports eight of these special anchors with six built into the ship's wing and the remaining two anchors mounted along the ship's belly. This gives all-around coverage for the anchors.

Type-04 Aerial Escape Pods

Like the Britannian Air Force Airships the Orb Defense Force Airships all sport Aerial Escape Pods allowing the crew of their ships to escape heavily damaged ships before they are destroyed. For the Aegis Class it sports seventy-two Type-04 Aerial Escape Pods mounted all along the ship in several clusters, mostly around the base of the wings. Each one of these pods can carry twenty-four crew safely to the ground.

Combat Information Center

Thanks to being formerly large transport planes the bridge of the Aegis Class are located at the most forward ventral section of the ship. Therefore, to counter this the Aegis sport a large combat information center as a sort of secondary bridge located around the forward belly area. This CIC gives the Aegis Class the capability to really control a large fleet of ships or some sort of major operation. Though it is mostly used to provide control its deployed units, both Knightmare Frames and VTOL Craft.

Notable Ships and Crew[]

OAS Aegis (ACV-001)[]

OAS Pridwen (ACV-002)[]

OAS Duban (ACV-003)[]

Variants and Subclasses[]

Susanoo Class Aerial Assault Carrier[]

After the United Federation of Nations and the Order of the Black Knights found out about Orb using old Chinese Fei Lian Class Superheavy Transport Aircraft to create a whole new design of airship. They would start the development of a similar airship design using the remaining handful of Fei Lian Class aircraft captured by the Black Knights during operations to transformed the Chinese Federation to that of the new United States of China. The resulting Susanoo Class Aerial Assault Carrier while heavily based on Orb's Aegis Class it would be quite different with superior armament and more of an Aerial Knightmare Carrier then a combined carrier like the Aegis. Overall, the Susanoo sported a trio of larger and more powerful High-Velocity Cannons based on the similar cannon on the Ikaruga Class backed up by numerous missile launchers. It also was able to carry a whopping hundred seventy five knightmare frames and a dozen Float Shuttles along with a simple dozen regular VTOL craft supporting them. Thankfully the Black Knights was only able to commission two of these large carriers with a couple of further Fei Lian aircraft would be instead turned into Fuso Class Heavy Aerial Transports which had the similar capability of the older Fei Lian to carry a ground-bound knightmare battalion with a supporting battalion of mechanized infantry. Still each one of the Susanoo Class airships would become center pieces of a pair of Aerial Carrier Groups which are themselves centerpieces of the Black Knight's Third and Fourth Air Divisions.


The Aegis Class Aerial Carrier was something that was originally imagined by the newly installed General Micheal Manfredi of the Orb Defense Forces as he was in the process of organizing and forming the new Defense Forces. The General as an avid military historian would look into the past for an example to base his new military on. He began to be inspired when he stumbled onto a paper penned by Counter Admiral James Jellicoe of the United Europian Navy during the aftermath of the First Pacific War about the general introduction of the fleet aircraft carrier that won Britannia the war. The Counter Admiral had pointed out in his paper that the massive size of the new fleet carriers of the Britannian Navy and their ability to carry numerous planes made them quite superior over the smaller aircraft carriers previously introduced by other nations after the end of the Great War. This paper gave the General Manfredi the idea of seeing about looking into introducing a dedicated Aerial Carrier as central figure of his new Orb Defense Forces. With this thought in mind the General would see about commissioning Morgenroete Engineering to investigate the possibility of converting the three massive sized Chinese Fei Lian Class Transport Planes left on the island into large airship carriers. After nearly a week Morgenroete came back to the General that it would be possible with their current resources, but they doubted that they could produce enough Knightmares for such a carrier concept to work. Still the General would give the order to start the conversion of the large aircraft into new airships.

The result of this would be the new Aegis Class Aerial Carriers which would each take somewhere around two months to complete with the Aegis herself leaving the massive converted heavy bomber hangar that served Orb as a Airship Dock seven weeks after the start of the project. The second ship the Pridwen would be finished a few days later with the final ship the Duban would then be finished a week after the Aegis. After some quick testing and trails between the three new airships they would then declared officially completed. Then three new aerial carriers would then be commissioned into the Orb Air Defense Forces on March 27, 2019 a.t.b. in the presence of the newly crowned King Lelouch Lampargue. Each of the carriers would then become the centerpiece of a single Aerial Defense Group with two Groups constantly on patrol around the Air Space of the new nation with the third Group on stand down before rotating out for one of the deployed groups. Such an arrangement pretty much closed the airspace of the new island nation from any threat with nothing able to cross into its airspace without one of the Aerial Defense Groups responding to the incursion.

In the years that followed the commissioning of the three Aerial Carriers their existence would make both the United Federation of Nations and the Holy Britannian Empire a bit nervous which would see similar airship designs being introduced by not only the Air Forces of those nations but smaller nations like the Confederacy of Australia. Still the three Aerial Carriers would only be used in combat only a handful of times during the course of their careers. The first of which would be the OAS Aegis herself only a couple of weeks after its commissioning when a cell of the True China Terrorist Group would unknowingly pass into the airspace of the Kingdom after running from a nearby pair of Black Knight Airships patrolling the Central Pacific. The resulting battle was quite short with the Aegis only launching half of its carried complement of Knightmares which shot down the former Britannian heavy transport aircraft used by True China as a carrier for only a dozen Sutherlands. Another major engagement of the Aegis Class airships wouldn't really be a battle itself but would be see the OAS Duban serving as a carrier for several Float Shuttles full of Orb Ground Defense Force Infantry which were used to storm a hidden pirate base on the small island known as Yalafath which was barely in the waters claimed by the Kingdom. Finally, the OAS Pridwen would be used by the Kingdom to help the nearby Marshall Islands after a brutal storm savaged the islands. The Pridwen would land in the waters offshore from the capital city of Majuro where it would be used as a power plant and would fly in numerous flights of supplies all across the Marshall Islands. While the Knightmares assigned to the massive carrier were used in helping in relief operations moving pieces of destroyed buildings to allow rescue parties to get to trapped civilians and clearing debris from streets.

All in all, the Aegis Class Aerial Carriers were quite an interesting airship design and would serve as a basis for further straight airship carriers across the planet. They would serve the Kingdom of Orb for numerous years and would take part in the Third Great War when it kicked off seven years after the formation of the Kingdom...


  • The Aegis Class Aerial Carrier and the Fei Lian Class Superheavy Transport Aircraft are both visually based on the Garuda Class Carrier Transport from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and its sequel. Yes, I am quite aware that Wing Zero Alpha had already used the Garuda Class as the basis for his own Tsuru Class in his Megiddo story. However, I believe it is a good base therefore decided to use it for my own design. I will admit that WZA had the idea first therefore he can get the credit. I am just re-imagining the idea a bit in my own image.
  • Also, I would like to mention that like a couple of my other Code Geass pages on this site the Aegis Class has gone through more then one major redesign. The first design of the Aegis was based on the Gekko from the Eureka 7 anime. At first, it was a perfect choice, but over time it seemed like a poorer choice hence the first major redesign which would then base the design on that of Normandy SR-2 from the Mass Effect Franchise. This was quite an interesting idea in my mind since the Normandy did indeed kind of look like a Code Geass airship with some modifications of the hull. However, my opinion changed a bit later due to some issues I had with the modifications made to the design which then saw a brief redesign in my head to that of the Gallia Grande from Code Geass: Akito of the Exiled after I finally watched the series. That changed before I ever even tried to edit this page thanks in part to little info and not that many images of the ship. Finally, I then decided to redesign the Aegis into a near copy of the Ikaruga itself before now I redesigned it to resemble the Garuda. Not to mention, changing the overall role of the Aegis from a battleship to that of a carrier.