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Date of Birth






May 18th 1991 a.t.b.

Lightning Knyaz


Commander, Byzantine Armed Forces

Holy Empire of Byzantium

Battalion Commander (Varangian Legion)

Second Zero (Black Knights)


One of the commanders of the Byzantine Army, Aleksei Romanov was the first living descendant of the Varangian Guards to become the commander of the Varangian Legion, which was a special regiment that fought against the Holy Britannian Empire.

Flight of the Eagle R1:[]

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Flight of the Eagle R2:[]

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Comparison with Canon Anime Characters:[]

Aleksei Romanov's concept is largely inspired by Gundam Wing's Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft. Both Aleksei and Zechs lost their families in their homeland's invasions, joined their respective militaries (Aleksei with the Imperial Russian Army and Zechs with OZ), had a younger sister (Anastasia Romanova and Relena Darlian) and harbored grudges against their foes. (Aleksei's grudge against Britannia and Zechs's grudge against the United Earth Sphere Alliance) They also join other factions at some point, often ending up as the leader (Aleksei joins the Black Knights and acts as the Second Zero and Zechs joins the White Fang movement) and pilots machine three times faster than its mass produced versions. However, the main differences between them are:

  • Aleksei often serves as the mentor to the young pilots of Bogatyra Monomakha and the Black Knights, while Zechs forms a rivalry with Heero Yuy. (Although Zechs would later join the Preventers and side with the Gundam pilots against Mariemaia)
  • Zechs would often abide by the code of chivalry against his opponents while Aleksei would act on his hatred against Britannia.
  • Aleksei had also become a member of the National Syndicalist Front and organizes the NKVD to succeed the Okhrana, while Zechs left OZ and became a freelance pilot before joining the White Fang movement.

Aleksei is also compared to other Char clones of the Gundam universe, and to a lesser extent, Bleach's Byakuya Kuchiki. However, Aleksei's calm personality and mentorship is reminiscent of Zeta Gundam's Char Aznable under his Quattro Bajeena persona. Non-anime wise, Aleksei is probably compared to the default commander from Westwood Studio's game, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 and 3.


(The Flight of the Eagle series will undergo a major change in timelines and character development.)