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Alexander vi Britannia (Alex Lamperouge) is the main hero in the Wattpad story (By AZ24AJ) named Code Geass: Alex of the Rebellion (Infinite Zero)



Alex is a young man with blonde hair that has black streaks and violet eyes. He has an olympian swimmer/boxer build thanks to training at a young age by Tohdoh and later by Sayoko.

Alex usually wears the Ashford Academy uniform or the Zero uniform. Outside of Ashford, his primary casual outfit is a red jacket with a black shirt underneath and grey trousers, though he has occasionally worn other clothing. He is seen wearing a necklace with a red ruby (Phantom Ruby) during or outside of school and hidden in his Zero uniform, being a gift from his mother. 


Alex is very smart, not or maybe near as Lelouch's intelligent in the normal canon but enough on leading people and forming plans with plans of plans hidden. He cares and respected family but mostly for his little sister Nunnally and other sisters like Nelia and Euphy. His feelings are unsure for most of his family, like stepmothers and older siblings at best. He shows a deep disliking and unsettles emotions for his father and later his uncle.

Alex is a kind, caring, relax, and easy-going person which he makes friends easily but mostly with the Student Council who are his only and true friends he can be happy with.

To his enemies and those that use their power for corrupted or to gain power, Alex is cold and willing to kill but won't allow civilians to get got in the crossfire. 

Alex as Zero is close to his own personality but has to wear the mask of being the man that can fight for the future and change the world where everyone can be happy and where his sister can smile. He shows concern and cares for his allies in the Black Knights, and often sometimes to pull Tamaki's leg with a few jokes much too few other's enjoyments. Overall, Alex or Zero cares about his allies as people and friends.

Character Bio []

Alexander Lamperouge


Alex & Al (By his friends and his sister)

Big Brother (By Nunnally)

The Ideal Prince of Britannia (Former)

Black King, Infinite Knight, Masked Man, and Man of Miracles (As Zero)

Alexander vi Britannia (Birth name but has not used the name Britannia after his exile to Japan, Area 11)


Alex Lamperouge (Cover-up but is Alex's true name by birth)


Hair: Blonde with some black streaks

Eyes: Violet (Normal). Red (Geass)

Age: 17 (R1). 18 (R2)

Birth Date: a.t.b. December 5, 1999

Blood Type: AB-

Nationality: Britannian

Family Relatives[]

Charles zi Britannia (Father)

Marianne vi Britannia (Mother)

Lelouch vi Britannia (Older-Twin Brother/Unknow which be TBA in R2)

Nunnally vi Britannia (Younger Sister)

V.V. (Uncle)

Odysseus eu Britannia (Older Half-Brother)

Guinevere de Britannia (Older Half-Sister)

Schneizel el Britannia (Older Half-Brother)

Cornelia li Britannia (Older Half-Sister)

Euphemia li Britannia (Younger Half-Sister)

Clovis la Britannia (Older Half-Brother)

Carine be Britannia (Younger Half-Sister)

Laila la Britannia (Younger Half-Sister)

Marrybell Mel Britannia (Half-Sister)

Clare Lamperouge (Foester Sister in R2)

Rolo Lamperouge (Foester Brother in R2)


Ashford Academy (Student Council)-(Vice President)

The Black Knights (As Zero)

United Federation of Nations (As Zero)

Holy Britannian Empire (Former at best)




Knightmare Pilot

Knightmare Frames: 94% synch[]

Sutherland (A couple of times)

Gloucester (A couple of times)

Raijin (Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame-Custom)

Gawain too later Shinkiro (With C.C.)


Cellphone with hacker and disclaimer ability/side equipment

Phantom Ruby (Unknow but is mostly powered up the Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame, Raijin and will find out in R2)

Hidden Blades (Mostly as Zero)

Zero Uniform (Bulletproof on a few areas)

More gadgets TBA


Power of Absolute Obedience: TBA



Charles zi Britannia- Alex will hate his father for manipulating him and his brother and sister. Alex saw that death is still too kind for a monster like him. Alex wishing to hold his father's soul into his hands and show him true pain for eternity. But it was revealed later on that Alex has some love for his father as a part of him wants that but that won't happen as much and will be thankful for Charles for teaching him chess which helped a lot in life. 

Marianne vi Britannia: During his childhood, Alex loved his mother. However, he always felt that something was wrong with her presence and actions, reminding him of his father, acting like everything was just a dream, one that could be controlled and reformed with her will alone. But it doesn't matter as Alex will always love his mother and looks up her as the best Knightmare pilot that the Empire ever had which inspired him to be a pilot himself. 

Lelouch vi Britannia: Because of their similar way of thinking, Alex and his twin are able to understand each other better than anyone, even their closest friends and other family members. When they were young, Alex and Lelouch were extremely close and always knew how the other one felt something that didn't change even after many years if Lelouch didn't die and had become the biggest pain in Alex's life that he remembers and heals to this very day.

Nunnally vi Britannia: Like Lelouch, Alex loves his younger sister, always wishing to make sure that she will be happy, no matter the cost, even if that means his own life and fate. 

VV: Alex sees his uncle in a similar way to his father, as a man with the worst god complex and with no good ending in his life. Alex vows to make VV share the same pain for killing his mother, brother to later use him, and steal his sister before ripping his heart out. 

Odysseus eu Britannia: While he doesn't hate his brother, Alex can't show any kind of love that he holds for Nunnally or Lelouch. However, he still cares for him and sees him as a family.

Guinevere de Britannia: Alex doesn't possess any kind of feelings for his older sister as she showed to care little for him and his siblings, seeing them as pawns and useless inferior beings but that has changed over the years and will be interfering for the pair to meet again. 

Schneizel el Britannia: Born with an incredible mind, like Lelouch and himself, Alex respects his older brother and will always do, no matter what. However, he won't spare Schnitzel in that means of harm to himself or his siblings

Cornelia li Britannia: Cornelia is one of the few members of the family that Alex both respect and love.  He will do anything in his power to make sure that she won't be harmed by anyone, even himself.

Euphemia li Britannia: Just like Nunnally, Alex would do anything to make sure his sister will be saved as she was one of the few ones that actually cared for him, no matter what he will or has done.

Carine ne Britannia: Alex has a neutral relationship with his sister. Acknowledging her as his sister but at the same time not really possessing any kind of powerful love for her.

Laila la Britannia: His sister, Alex cares for Laila, in a way similar to Odysseus but he showed to be a little kinder to her and care at a higher degree.

Marrybell mel Britannia:  Alex both respect and cares for his sister, not at the same level as Nunnally, Lelouch, Cornelia or Euphemia. He still sees her as his sister and will feel very sad if she was to be harmed or even killed.

Clovis la Britannia: Alex cares very little for his brother as even his death won't even mark him or affect him in any way.

Clare Lamperouge (R2): Even if she isn't his blood sister, Alex showed to love Claire, always as much as he loved Nunnally and his other two beloved sisters, making sure that she won't be harmed by anyone

Rolo Lamperouge (R2): Even after he found out that Rolo was going to use him, Alex began to love Rolo as his actual brother, him being his second most loved brother, Lelouch, being above him a little. Alex wants to make sure that Rolo will live by his side to be human instead of a human-machine that needs to kill and see the birth of the new world that he shall create. 

More TBA as the story goes on