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Lord High Admiral Vincent

Lord Amelius Vincent is a naval officer who served as the Lord High Admiral of the Britannian Royal Navy up until the First Black Rebellion. In the aftermath of that incident, Lord Vincent decided to go into retirement and was replaced with Prince Johan van Britannia.


Amelius was born into the duchy of Vincent, which at the time resided in Britannia's South American holdings. As a noble he had no problem getting into a military school. Amelius graduated from the Britannia Royal Naval College in 1980 and entered the Royal Navy as an ensign. His first posting was aboard the minelayer HMS Obstructor. In 1983 he was promoted to lieutenant and transferred to the destroyer HMS Duke of California where Amelius would serve until 1987. Upon promotion to lieutenant commander, he was given his first command: the frigate HMS Ravager. The duke remained in the position until promotion to commander in 1989, at which point he was given a staff posting.

During his service against the EU in the Mediterranean, Lord Vincent proved himself to be a competent strategist and was well regarded in the naval command. This he was transferred to the Admiralty and his advance increased, becoming a captain in 1991, commodore in 1994, rear admiral in 1998, vice admiral in 1999, and a full admiral in 2003. From 1999 until 2001, Amelius was in an honorary position, Vice Admiral of the Britannian Empire. In 2005 came a promotion to Fleet Admiral and the position of royal aide-de-camp to His Majesty Emperor Charles. Lord Vincent was said to have had a good relationship with the Emperor. Finally in 2010 came a promotion to Grand Admiral, making him Supreme Fleet Commander. In 2013 he became appointed the Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy.