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The Archon Generators, sometimes abbreviated as Arc Generators, are a source of great power found in the Lemegeton series that could be used as a near-infinite energy source for Knightmare Frames customized in their usage. There were exactly twelve of these Arc Generators that had their capacities replicated into what became known as the Thought Elevators, by people in Ancient times, unlike Thought Elevators however the Archon Generators could not only be used as a gateway back and forth from the Higher Domain (World of C) or an amplifier for what happens in that domain but also having the ability to use the infinite energy from that domain to power objects.

The Archon Generators are twelve of thirteen major components in a machine that allows Deus to cause the Eternal Recurrence, resetting time to a "reset point" in the past, allowing humanity to repeat events over and over again as the sacrifice to sustain the Universe. They actually represent the twelve Apostles of the Messiah, Twelve Sons of Jacob, in Greek and Rome it represented the Twelve Titans and Olympians that ruled the Universe at one point. The twelve objects have religious significants, through recurring time and saving Humanity and God, but they also manipilate time-space as "rulers of the Universe".

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