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Arthur Ni Britannia is the younger twin brother of Lucas Ni Britannia, making him the 6th prince of Britannia. He is Sub-Viceroy of Area 6 and an ace pilot and excellent swordsman. He is a Geass user as well.


Arthur is an exact mirror of Lucas. The only exception is he a has a scar on his forehead. He wears an outfit similar to a knight of the round, but without the multiple colors. When in battle, he wears and outfit similar to the Glaston Knights, only with fake hair and a mask. He also chooses to waer this attire when with company other than Lucas or other family members. His usual attire is similar to Lucas' but is black, not white.


He is an exact opposite to Lucas in many ways, but, most important is his personality. Arthur  is irrashional, uptight, and usually more unstable most of the time. Arthur believes himself to be more "arrogant" and prefers not to be compared to his brother.Deep down, he sees britannia's actions as wrong, up until the death of Euphemia. When having company, such as family mebmers, he shows compassion and kindness. In battle, he fights without a care in the world, like most Britannian soldiers.



Arthur gained his Geass from V.V. upon childbirth. He was given the power called "The Time Shifter". It grants him the ability to move through time as he sees fit. He is able to overcome any challenge with this, wether it his pastime, Chess, or on the battlefield.

Mangekyou Sharingan Itachi

Arthur's Geass

However, there are restrictions to his power. The restrictions are the following in order:

  1. He must leave his body behind to do it
  2. There must be a version of him at the destination
  3. Upon arrival, he can only move forward a per the laws of time
  4. He cannot rewrite events that are destined to happen
Noctis Red

Arthur with his Geass active in both eyes.

Knightmare Frame[]

Arthur's Knightmare frame is Ars Moriendi, a custom version of the soon-to-be vincent. It's stats are incredibly high, and he is far superior to even the Knight of One. Ars moriendi is faster than any knightmare existing.It's Fighting capabilities are top level.In combaat, Arthur is able to read every enemy movement while his Geass is active. Otherwise, He fights with Lancelot Level skills.


Ars Moriendi


Arthur is incredibly skilled with a sword, even without Geass. Hematches his brother Lucas at fencing, as well kendo and kobudo.