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"The Avalon was the first ever fifth-generation airship design ever produced in the entire world. It was designed to solve not only the problems with past generation airship designs but also introduce a whole new way of combat for airships. In the past, airships fought similarly to their modern blue-water cousins, just modified to that of three dimensions with them maneuvering against their enemies to find a better firing position. However, with the Avalon and future airships, things have started to change thanks in part not only to now carrying their own Float-Unit Equipped Knightmare Frames, but the introduction of the MSV Particle Shields and other similar pieces of equipment have changed things drastically for airship combat..."
―Taken from a presentation done by Captain Cecile Croomy, of the Camelot Advanced Research and Engineering Division

The Avalon, and her following sister ships, are the first ever fifth generation airship design which improve several things with basic combat airship design including the likes of the MERLIN Series Largescale Yggdrasil Drive allowing the older power issues of past airship designs to be a thing of the past, and with the introduction of MSV Particle Shields a major change has been made to airship combat. Also unlike past airship designs which had the ability to carry some VTOL Craft and heavier Float-Unit Equipped Craft the Avalon is the first ever airship design to sport the ability to carry their own Knightmare Frames, now equipped with their own Float Units. After the success of the Avalon during the end of the Black Rebellion against the forces of the Order of the Black Knights several new ships of the class would started to be built at the Douglas Airship Yards in the Duchy of Texas while older airship designs like the City Class Air Destroyers and Duchy Class Air Battleships would be refitted with these new developments while new slightly larger versions of these ships would start to be built alongside new Avalon Class Air Cruisers at Douglas. However, the Holy Empire of Britannia and its Royal Air Forces will their hands full in future fights as the Empire's enemies have also started to introduce their own Fifth Generation Airship Designs.


The Avalon herself thanks to being the first ever Fifth Generation Airship Design sported a different hull design for the previous Fourth Generation Design. It was also the first airship design since the Third Generation to sport a ventral bridge section with the similar-sized City Class Air Destroyers sporting only a viewing/fire control platform on its ventral side bellow the ship's hangar. Overall, the ship's hull design was an improvement of both the City Class and that of the larger Duchy Class. With it sporting somewhat a naval-like profile of the City Class married to that of a sort aircraft like feel of that was the Duchy Class. This latter bit was mainly with the almost skid-looking bits along the ventral side of the ship which looked to be able to allow the ship an easier time landing on unprepared ground. Though in reality these skid-looking bits are an extension of the ship's Float System and other similar-looking bits serving as emitters for the ship's brand-new MSV Particle Shield. Later MSV Particle Shield design sport a smaller less extensive looking emitter array which would be included with the Fifth Generation Refits of the City and Duchy Class ships. Meanwhile, the central hull of the Avalon follows a similar hull design to that of the City Class just a bit less rounded and a more rigid look to some areas. All of which does give the impression that the Avalon is a prefect blend of aircraft with that of a naval ship.

One major change to the overall design of the airship seen in the Avalon is a whole new type of hangar which does split the large hangar into two smaller hangars along either side of the ship's main hull. Each hangar was quite capable of not only handling any sort of Float-Capable Shuttle or smaller Aircraft but also allows the ship to carry Float-Unit Equipped Knightmare Frames. This is third major upgrade seen with the Fifth Generation Airship Design allowing the ship the capability to carry numerous amount of Knightmare Frames which allowed the Avalon herself to be used as a private transport of Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia who is the major backer of the Camelot Advanced Research and Engineering Division. A group that was in the process of not only developing this new Fifth Generation Airship Prototype but also introducing a new Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame prototype as well. The Avalon would transport not only the Seventh Generation Prototype Knightmare Lancelot but other prototypes and prototype equipment. Later on, when the Avalon Class Air Cruiser was fully finalized and production began on new ships of the class these twin hangars allowed the class to carry twenty-four Float-Unit Equipped Knightmare Frames along with supporting craft.

Like the airships of the Fourth Generation the Avalon and its sisters would sport slightly different paint schemes across the class. To those regular ships of the class which served in the mainline Air Fleet's eight Air Groups they would have a light blue primary hull color with a different secondary hull color depending on which Air Group a ship was assigned. Then a few different ships of the class sported their own unique color scheme with the Avalon herself retaining her orange and white color scheme even when it was refitted into a full on combat airship after the Black Rebellion and becoming flagship of the Second Prince during the final battles of the Second Great War. The Onogoro which had been assigned as the private transport of Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi would sport a white and blue paint scheme reflecting the position of Knight of Seven. The Grandberry, the private transport of Twelfth Princess Marrybell mel Britannia and her Glinda Knights anti-Terrorist Taskforce, would sport a red and white color scheme.

Design Overview[]


HVC5A 45cm High-Velocity Cannons[]

HVC4E 76cm High-Velocity Cannons []

CAW3 Regina Point Defense Cannons[]

VML-90 18-Cell Missile Launchers[]

System Features[]

XS-1B "Blaze Luminous" MSV Particle Shield []

FA-X5 Aerial Float System []

SA-9 Multispectral Sensor System[]

EP-2E "Bumblebee-II" Escape Pods[]

Notable Ships and Crew[]

HMAS Avalon []

  • Air Captain Kozo Maldini

HMAS Onogoro []

  • Air Captain Snow Hexenhaus

HMAS Grandberry[]

  • Air Captain Johann Schwarzer

HMAS Lemuria []

  • Air Captain Alice Rice

Variants and Subclasses[]

Historical Overview[]

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