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This contains the chronological timeline for the fanfiction series Code Geass: B-Daman of Battle by Ruri Tenpouin.

  • 1 a.t.b. (55 BC)

Novu Moru attempts to invade Britain, but is met with strong resistance from the local tribes, who elect a super-leader: the Celtic King Sorande.

  • 55 a.t.b. (1 AD)

The established beginning of the Gregorian calendar, better known as Anno Domini (Latin for "In the year of our Lord"). While Britannia continues to use the Imperial calendar as its standard, the Gregorian calendar comes into use through most of Europe.

  • 1010 a.t.b. (955 AD)

Sakuradite is discovered near Stonehenge in the British Isles.

  • 1349 a.t.b. (1294 AD)

The War Started,and a Curse to B-Damans happen,they turned like knightmare frames.