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"Damn you Barabus, you must grow up once in your life, Is it truly your place to matter. Xelvin and B.B.

B.B.(pronounced B.B.) was a Euro geass immortal (born Barabus Balor) who and the protagonist of Code Geass: R4.


He is a highly eccentric and childish man. He is somewhat of a father figure to his entourage of geass users and as a form of respect for his enemies. He tends to be extremely sociable and humorous, to a point he does not take important matters seriously.


Born Barabus Balor in 1920 Mongolia, China to a German father and a Chinese mother. He was raised in Ireland,euro universe for most of his life. He had a small childhood friend named Einer Derweg. At age 12, he met his housekeeper LL. A Geass Immortal, During the EU.- Brittanian Occupation of Ireland Brittanian soldiers invaded his mother and father's house. Killing them, the house collapsed on them, during a time in which they were separated, LL. bestowed geass on Barabus telepathically, Giving him the ability to project an image to himself anywhere to a radius, finding him. They were forced to flee to the outer states of the Euros. They lived together like father and son for 27 years until at age 39 Barabus was to take LL's place. Becoming eternal, he left to enter brittanian politics and become the prime minister. Which he succeeded, but was soon arrested for learning of his plans to kill the emperor to avenge his mother's death. He spent 1963-1974 until he was bailed by Prince of Brittania Charles. Charles Zi Brittania introduced him to the geass cult and learned to use this to his advantage. He became a professor of Euro history at Cambridge in England. He selected the son of his childhood friend Ener Derweg. Giving him the geass ability to breath and see underwater. Then giving his friend's second son the ability of past foresight.