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General Characteristics
Model Number BKB-013
Codename Glasgow Slash
Unit type Custom Knight Battle Knightmare
Manufacturer Britannian Knight Battle Corp.
Operator Britannian Knight Battle Corp.
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.25 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 8.06 metric tons
Powerplant Type 13 Yggdrasil superconductor transfer system
Equipment and Design Features
  • Type-02 Factsphere Sensor Camera
  • Type-02 Landspinner Propulsion System
Fixed Armament
  • 2 x Type-04 Chest Mounted Slash Harkens
  • 2 x Type-06 Fist Mounted Slash Harkens
  • 2 x Type-06 Shoulder Mounted Slash Harkens
  • 2 x Type-06 Wrist Mounted Slash Harkens
  • 2 x Type-06 Waist Mounted Slash Harkens
  • Dash ri Britannia
Unknown 5

The BKB-013 Glasgow Slash is a Custom Knight Battle Knightmare frame in Code Geass R3: SOD.


The Glasgow Slash is a customized variant of the Glasgow and Burai knightmares, having a light blue and gold color along with multiple slash harkens.


The Glasgow Slash is based off of experimental designs for knightmares that never made it to mass production. These experimental designs included more slash harkens and enhanced sukuradite veins.

This machine's advanced computer systems and sukuradite veins as well as waist, wrist, fist, shoulder, and chest mounted slash harkens moved it up to the seventh generation, despite not having weapons like the MVS, VARIS, Needle Blazer, or any Floatation System or Blaze Luminous.


The Glasgow Slash fought against the JKB-052 Shallot and almost defeated it in a Knight Battle, but the Shallot was destroyed by Nemean knightmares from Peace Mark, leaving the Slash to fight against the invaders alongside guarding Akatsuki's and other custom knightmares. The Glasgow and it's allies won the battle and the Slash was stored once again and wasn't seen ever since.