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The Battle for the Ark was a major confrontation between the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance and the Decepticon Empire. It was a major defense by the Rebellion to protect their home base from their greatest enemies.


Following a recent skirmish between the Decepticons and the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance, Soundwave revealed to Megatron that he discovered that the signal they sent to rally reinforcements had also contained a hidden message that allowed the Alliance to contact Autobot soldiers. The communications officer was able to trace the message back to the same vessel the Cons pursued during the Great Exodus, the Ark, located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean floor. Now knowing where the enemy's true base was at, Megatron mobilized his forces and headed to the Ark to destroy his enemies once and for all. [1]

Meanwhile, the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had been working tirelessly in repairing the Ark to restore its ability of flight for six months. At the same time, they continued to acquire, create and improve their technology in their war against the Decepticons. They attached the Ark with a Cybertronian Relic called the Shield Generator which was acquired following their re-emergence. The Alliance undertook the creation of the Omniglobe, a sphere-shaped cell designed to be a command post for officers to better coordinate the troops should the Ark even came under sieged. The Omniglobe was originally meant for Optimus Prime who decided this was best suited for Lelouch Lamperouge. [2]


The Nemesis arrived at its destination and immediately fired its main cannon upon the Ark. However, the Ark was protected by a barrier produced by the Shield Generator, preventing the cannon from damaging the ship. Undeterred, Megatron deployed his army and started a full-scale assault. Several teams were assigned specific tasks to damage the Autobot vessel: Squadron X were to destroy the Ark's engines and the Combaticons taking out the Shield Generator leaving the Ark defenseless.

The Alliance mobilized their forces to prepare a counterattack. The Aerialbots would lead an attack against the Nemesis's main cannon and destroy it. Optimus would lead the Zero Squad to board the Nemesis. The others were to stay and defend their base with Lelouch as the commander, using the Omniglobe to coordinate.

A large groundbridge opened up in the skies allowing the Aerialbots and airborne Knightmares to come out and attack the Nemesis. Starscream and his Seeker Armada were sent out to take care of them. An intensive dogfight occurred but Rai Kururugi took advantage of this to pilot his Raiden and fired his Surger Claw at the Nemesis's cannon, taking it out of commission. Wizard and Alpha Squad fired upon a large majority of the Seekers, killing Skywarp in the process.

Optimus and Zero Squad boarded the ship and proceeded to kill multiple of the ship's defenders until Megatron, Shockwave and the Dark Knights appeared. While the Zero Squad, Shockwave and the Dark Knight battled it out, Optimus and Megatron resumed their ancient rivalry. Megatron tried to use his Dark Geass on Optimus but the Last Prime revealed a new ability, the Prime Geass which countered Megatron's dark powers. Then, C.C intervened and she and Optimus worked together to push Megatron back.

Back at the Ark, the rest of the Alliance protected the ship despite the Decepticon invaders being numerically superior over them. Ultra Magnus and the Elite Guard protected the ship's starboard side from wave after wave of Decepticons. The Wreckers ambushed Squadron X, halting their attempts in destroying the Ark's engines.

Knockout and the Combaticons who combined into Bruticus faced off against the Black Dragon unit. While the two teams fought each other, a small team of Decepticon Mini-Cons infiltrated the Ark using an opening created by Bruticus. They attempted to perform sabotage on the Ark but are stopped by a small band of the Ark's personnel. Frenzy was decapitated by Sayoko Shinozaki while Headlock was killed by Autobot Mini-Con, Undertone. With no other choice, the infiltrators called Soundwave an they were groundbridged off the Ark.

As the battle raged on, the science division were implementing a plan to get the Ark running. Perceptor planted a line of rods containing Synthetic Energon on the undisturbed magma bed. Once they were all set, the science division contacted Optimus and Zero who ordered all combatants to retreat back into the Ark. Thus, multiple groundbridges were opened allowing Autobots and Black Knights to escape the battles much to the Cons' confusion.

Suddenly, Perceptor's devices detonated, triggering an eruption that shook the entire ocean floor. The devices transferred energy into the Ark's engines allowing them to finally activate. The Ark blasted off, killing multiple Decepticons. The Ark then shot out of the ocean and opened fire on the Nemesis's underbelly forcing the Empire's main warship to crash into the ocean and on the crater the Ark once stood. With the Ark having escaped destruction, Autobot/Black Knight Alliance had obtained a complete victory over the Decepticons. [2]


The Ark reconvened at Horai Island, which became the new base of operations for the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance. The Alliance proceeded to take advantage of the Nemesis's immobile state and rallied more allies to their cause. They travelled to the European Union and Chinese Federation and convinced them to join forces with them. [3]

In response to this and the multiple uprising across the former Britannian territories, Megatron was forced to use Dark Energon to restore the Nemesis. [4] Unfortunately, that had its share of problems which lead the Alliance to snuck aboard and stole valuable intel from the Iacon database leading to a world-wide hunt for the Cybertronian Relics. [5]


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