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The Battle of Narita was a major battle between the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance and the Holy Britannian Empire and the Decepticons. The battle took place at Area 11, Narita Mountains.




General Katase and multiple members of the Japan Liberation Front were able to survive and escaped the battle. They would be found and be inducted into the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance, making this a victory for the alliance.

After suffering numerous failures with Narita being the final straw, Cornelia was forcibly removed of military matters which were taken over by Megatron much to the princess's dismay.

The staff of Code R were able to escape from the battle but were intercepted by Soundwave and a newly arrived Shockwave. The two Cons took the Code R staff along with their research which allowed the Decepticons to learn about Geass and it's ability to grant immortality.


Battle of Narita (Code Prime)