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Britannian Air Force

Flag of the Britannian Air Force

Founded 1918
HQ Pendragon
Size 400,000+ active personnel
Allegiance Emperor of Britannia
Commander Lord High Air Marshal
Three Chiefs
  • Chief of the Air Staff
  • Secretary of Air Force Affairs
  • Strike Commander

The Britannian Air Force, also commonly known as the Royal Air Force or the Britannian Aeronautica, is the aerial warfare branch of the Holy Britannian armed forces. Although jet aircraft are rarely used in combat, being made essentially obsolete by Knightmares, the Air Force still uses airships, transports, and floating fortresses. It serves to help defend Britannia's airspace and also performs logistical transportation duties for the other branches of the military, especially the Britannian Army. The Air Force consists of three main branches: the Airship Command, the Fighter Command, and the Engineering Corps.



His Majesty's Armed Forces
800px-Britannian flag svg

BA Britannian Army
(Foreign Legion - Medical Corps - Royal Panzer Infantry)
Notable vehicles

RN Royal Navy
Organization (Royal Marines - Air Arm - Royal Marine Infantry)
Notable ships

RAF Royal Air Force
(Royal Aerial Infantry)
Notable aircraft

Britannian Royal Guard
(Foot Guards - Knightmare Guards)
Knights of the Round

The Aeronautica was headquartered in Pendragon and was under the command of the three air chiefs: the Chief of Air Staff, who oversaw the three administrative commands which were responsible for operational and strategic planning; the Secretary of Air Force Affairs, who led the Air Ministry and carried out the logistical and personnel tasks; and the Strike Commander, who had direct command of the actual fighting forces. The three of them answered to the Lord High Air Marshal, who was the overall commander-in-chief of His Majesty's Royal Air Force, and he in turn was responsible to the Emperor.

Administrative structure[]

  • Chief of Air Staff
    • Airship Command
    • Fighter Command
    • Engineering Command
  • Secretary of Air Force Affairs
    • Air Ministry
  • Strike Commander (see Order of battle)

Order of battle[]

As of 2016:

  • RAF Wing 1 (Pendragon)
    • 1st Air Division
    • 3rd Air Division
    • 11th Air Division
  • RAF Wing 2 (Madrid)
    • 4th Air Division
    • 9th Air Division
    • 13th Air Division
  • RAF Wing 3 (St Petersburg)
    • 2nd Air Division
    • 5th Air Division
    • 18th Air Division
  • RAF Wing 4 (Jerusalem)
    • 6th Air Division
    • 8th Air Division
  • RAF Wing 5 (Freetown)
    • 7th Air Division
    • 10th Air Division
  • RAF Wing 6 (Buenos Aires)
    • 12th Air Division
    • 15th Air Division
  • RAF Wing 7 (Santiago de Cuba)
    • 14th Air Division
    • 16th Air Division
  • RAF Wing 8 (Tokyo)
    • 17th Air Division
    • 20th Air Division
    • 22nd Air Division
  • RAF Wing 9 (Phnom Penh)
    • 19th Air Division
    • 21st Air Division
    • 23rd Air Division
  • RAF Wing 10 (Cape Town)
    • 24th Air Division
    • 25th Air Division

Royal Aerial Infantry[]