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Britannian Army

Flag of the Britannian Army

Founded c. 1660
HQ Pendragon
Size 1,500,000+ active troops
3,000,000+ reservists
Allegiance Emperor of Britannia
Commander Lord High Marshal
Three Chiefs
  • Chief of the Imperial General Staff
  • Secretary of Military Affairs
  • Land Forces Commander

The Britannian Army, also called the Britannian Ground Forces, is the main land warfare force of the Holy Britannian Empire. As the main conventional army force of the Empire, it is tasked with defending the country from external enemies and garrisons Britannia's numerous colonies, being one of the most visible faces of occupation to many citizens. It consists of several branches, including the Infantry, the conventional infantry; Royal Panzer Infantry, its Knightmare pilots; the Royal Armored Corps, consisting of the older main battle tanks and other armored vehicles; and the Support Services, which carries out logistics, intelligence, and other functions.

The Army answers to the Emperor of Britannia as the supreme warlord, as with all other branches, and is directly commanded by the Lord High Marshal. That office is usually given to a member of the Imperial Family or a trusted noble, and is often ceremonial. Below the Lord High Marshal are the three military chiefs: Chief of the Imperial General Staff, the Secretary of Military Affairs, and the Land Forces Commander. The three chiefs oversee the day-to-day operations of the Britannian Army and their departments have authority over all of its aspects. The Imperial General Staff is responsible for long term strategic planning, the Military Affairs Office carries out the administrative and personnel functions, while the Land Forces Commander has operational command of the units in the field. Those three offices are subordinated to the Lord High Marshal.



His Majesty's Armed Forces
800px-Britannian flag svg

BA Britannian Army
(Foreign Legion - Medical Corps - Royal Panzer Infantry)
Notable vehicles

RN Royal Navy
Organization (Royal Marines - Air Arm - Royal Marine Infantry)
Notable ships

RAF Royal Air Force
(Royal Aerial Infantry)
Notable aircraft

Britannian Royal Guard
(Foot Guards - Knightmare Guards)
Knights of the Round

The Britannian Army is overseen by the Lord High Marshal as its commander-in-chief, who answered directly to the Emperor. However, the post was often held by imperial princes who had little actual interest in military affairs and thus the task of managing the day to day operations of the Army fell to its three chiefs. Those were the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Secretary of Military Affairs, and Land Forces Commander. Being in charge of planning, administrative duties, and the fighting forces, those three were the ultimate authority over the Britannian Empire's ground forces.

Command structure[]

Operational structure[]

Training and education[]

Officers were primarily trained in regional military schools, but the best cadets ended up in the Royal Military Academy in Pendragon. The capital was also the site of the Royal Naval College and Air Force Academy. Enlisted personnel and NCOs received training at various camps throughout the Empire.


Major Branches[]

Foreign Legion[]

Medical Corps[]

Royal Panzer Infantry[]