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Codename Burai Experimental Radiant Wave Type
Type e

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Manufacturer The Black Knights

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Developed from Burai

Developed into Gekka Pre-Production Test Type (Lucian of the Rebellion)


Pilot(s) Lucian vi Britannia (Lucian of the Rebellion)

As its name implies, this is a variation of the Burai that mounts a Radiation Wave arm unit. The Radiation Wave arm, however, is weaker tha the one mounted on the Guren Mk-II, since it is the first one created for a Knightmare. The only pilot was Zero, during the Battle of Narita, but the Frame was destroyed at the end and replaced by the Gekka Pre-Production Test Type.


General characteristics

  • Crew: One
  • Height: 4.56 meters
  • Weight: 7.53 metric tons
  • Power Source: Energy Filler,Yggdrasil Drive

Design Features

  • Cockpit Ejection System
  • Factsphere Sensor
  • Landspinner Propulsion System


  • 2x Slash Harken
  • 1x Protector
  • 1x Radiation Wave Arm

Optional Armaments

  • 1x Revolving Blade Sword
  • 1x Assault Rifle