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C.C. (real name Elizabeth) is one of the primary characters of Code Geass. She is a Code-bearer who gives Lelouch his Geass and becomes a close ally and accomplice to him.


C.C. has the appearance of a young attractive woman with green hair, which belies the fact that she is, in fact, several hundred years old. Her longevity is due to her possession of the Code, which grans her immortality. Her code is signified by a Geass symbol on her forehead. She is most often seen wearing a white straight jacket, but occasionally wears other clothes. After her death and duration of her stay in C's World, though she has a physical body, she is most often seen naked as she has no need of clothing. When Suzaku visits C's World, however, she dons a black robe. Also, unlike the people she summons from the collective unconscious, she retains her irises and pupils. After obtaining Charles' code, she adorns the Geass sigil on her right hand.


Initially, C.C. is a very cryptic, mysterious, and stoic figure, making it unclear exactly what her motivations are. However, over time, it is made clear that she truly cares for Lelouch and many of the others she has spent time with and is willing to even sacrifice her own life to give them a brighter future. She also has a sly and sarcastic wit, as seen by her often poking fun at Lelouch.

​Character History[]


After Lelouch assumes the throne as the 99th Emperor of Britannia, C.C. stays by his side and appears complicit in enacting his Zero Requiem plan. After Lelouch meets with the UFN and Schneizel destroys Pendragon, C.C. discusses the matter with Lelouch, Suzaku, and Cecile as they consider their options. C.C. comments that Lelouch turned Kallen away, revealing that she is now able to read his mind due to the evolution of the Geass. The group is then contacted by Schneizel who reveals that Nunnally is alive.

After Lelouch condemn Nunnally for allying herself with Schneizel, C.C. commends Lelouch for maintaining his role as a cruel emperor. After receiving word that the Black Knights have joined Schneizel, C.C. excuses herself to practice flying the new "airplane" they have developed. In reality, she intends to track down Kallen so she may subvert Lelouch's Zero Requiem plan.

C.C. manages to locate Kallen who is in complete despair after her mother's suicide. She explains that, although Lelouch may have been honest with Kallen, she deserves to know the whole truth. C.C. offers to shake Kallen's hand, which she accepts, and results in C.C. reading Kallen's memories and Kallen receiving C.C.'s and Lelouch's memories. C.C. explains Lelouch's Zero Requiem plan to Kallen and then asks her what she thinks of Lelouch and what she will do next. Kallen breaks down and confesses that she wants to stay with Lelouch and have him return to being the same Lelouch of his sister's memories. Satisfied with Kallen's response, C.C. says she must return to the Avalon and put her plan into motion to avert the Zero Requiem. However, she admits that she cannot do it alone and tells Kallen she must decide whether or not to help Lelouch and act as his "shield". She further explains that, while C.C. cannot love Lelouch herself due to her immortality, Kallen can be the one to provide the affection that Lelouch has always needed and live with him and have a family with him. C.C. concludes by apologizing for her mother's death and telling Kallen to follow her heart. C.C. then says farewell to Kallen and departs in her aircraft.

The next day, as everyone prepares for the battle against the Damocles, C.C. gives Lloyd a compilation of data she retrieved from the Geass Order, as well as a letter written by her, which neither Lelouch nor Suzaku are aware of. The letter explains her history with Charles, V.V., and the Geass Order, and also contains an untruth that V.V. forced Euphemia to commit the SAZ massacre, thus clearing Euphemia's name and absolving Lelouch of his part in it.

Later, before departing to fight the Damocles, C.C. asks Lelouch if he hates her for giving him the Geass and completely changing his life. Lelouch says, on the contrary, he is grateful to her for allowing him to take the first step into the world he's been working towards. C.C. says she's never met anyone like him and the two embrace, C.C. saying that this is the first time she's ever felt truly comforted.

As the battle begins, C.C. surprises everyone by rushing to FLEIJA launcher. C.C. confesses that, although she would like the idea of Lelouch's promise to make her happy and feel loved, she believes that the existence of the Code and the Geass is a curse upon the world and must be destroyed. Therefore, she will allow the FLEIJA to destroy her along with her Code. Lelouch begs her to stop, but she says she does not want to continue her immortal life and see Lelouch die. She makes one final request, for Lelouch to remember her by her original name, which she reveals to be Elizabeth. Even still, Lelouch begs her to stop, claiming that they had made a deal, but Elizabeth says he has already completed the deal as her time spent with him and Kallen were the happiest of her life. She asks that Lelouch make the world smile too and says her final farewell.

Elizabeth's ship explodes and creates a chain reaction that causes all the FLEIJAs to detonate, resulting in a giant explosion with a Geass sigil embossed on it. In Lelouch's Shinkiro, C.C.'s code dissipates in his hands, signifying the end of her life.

After her death, Elizabeth passes over to C's World, but is surprised to discover that she has not been absorbed into the collective unconscious. Due to her connection to Lelouch's Geass, she has remained independent of the collective unconscious, but is still confined to C's World and will be pulled into the collective unconscious once Lelouch dies. She also finds that she is able to telepathically communicate with Lelouch and she can vicariously feel his emotions as her own. Later on, she also discovers she can conjure items at will and even summon people from the collective unconscious and give them physical bodies.

At some point, likely after Lelouch's exile, Elizabeth makes contact with him, making him aware of her lingering presence and her connection to him. Elizabeth also summons Euphemia and Shirley from the collective unconscious to act as her companions to assist her with tasks and stave off the boredom of C's World. She also informs them of everything that has happened since and before their deaths and teaches them some of her abilities.

For the first year or two of Lelouch's exile, Elizabeth feels all the despair and mental agony that he experiences, commenting that it is unlike anything she has ever felt. Eventually, after Lelouch's trauma lessens and he becomes more accustomed to his new life, Elizabeth contacts him and the two discusst what she has discovered in C's World as well as her history and her motivations for giving people the Geass. Elizabeth then queries why Lelouch has not made love to Kallen, even though they have slept in the same bed for months. Lelouch says that the situation is complicated and Kallen may not necessarily feel that way, but Elizabeth assures him that she does and he must make the first move. Later that night, Lelouch and Kallen make love for the first time and Elizabeth feels all of Lelouch's emotions, describing them as chaotic.

Six months later, Elizabeth contacts Lelouch and tells him that she has discovered a change in Kallen's life force, as if there has been an addition to it. Though she cannot be certain, Elizabeth believes that Kallen may be pregnant. This proves to be true as Lelouch confirms it with Kallen later that day.

Nine months later, during the birth Lelouch and Kallen's twin children, Elizabeth talks to Lelouch, commenting on his nervousness and remarking that, considering his past experiences, the birth of his children should be nothing. Elizabeth tells him to stay calm and deep breath, but comments that it would be funny to see him faint during the delivery. After the children are born Elizabeth is happy, feeling the love that Kallen feels for Leouch, though she admits that she's a bit jealous of them.

Some time later, as Lelouch adjust to life as a parent, Elizabeth has another conversation with him. Lelouch asks her what she said to Kallen during the time he was under the influence of his father's Geass and when she went to see Kallen the day before she died. Elizabeth replies by asking if, in the three years they've lived together, Lelouch has ever talked with Kallen about his past. Lelouch confirms that he hasn't, stating that he doesn't have the courage to discuss it. Elizabeth replies that she and Kallen did talk a lot about him. Lelouch then blames himself for the death of Kallen's mother as he was the one who ordered the liberation of the Japanese people. Elizabeth tells him that he couldn't have foreseen such a consequence, but Lelouch replies that he only mentioned it to acknowledge he is not the only one suffering. Elizabeth tells Lelouch that humans tend to ignore people that are distant or unfamiliar to them while only focusing on those who are close or important to them. She tells him that he must not pity himself as he has more important things to think about. Lelouch then stops the conversation as he hears Naoto crying and leaves to attend to him.

About three years later, Elizabeth speaks with Lelouch during a chess tournament he is participating in. As they converse, Elizabeth asks Lelouch if he feels guilty for not opening up to Kallen or returning her feelings. Lelouch responds that he still feels horrible for making her suffer so much and believes she is happy enough as it is. Elizabeth says that he is clueless when it comes to women, but she offers Lelouch a way to make Kallen happy using his Geass, revealing that she has learned some interesting tricks in her time in C's World. After the tournament, Lelouch asks Kallen to hold her hands to his head and Elizabeth activates her "trick", summoning Kallen's mother from the collective unconscious and allowing the two to speak and see each other for a short time. As the lovestruck Kallen passionately embraces and kisses Lelouch, Elizabeth is satisfied, feeling the love and affection that Lelouch is feeling. She then thinks back on her life and the effect the Geass has had upon the world. Though she hoped the Geass could be used to help the world, it always led to the doom of its owner. With Lelouch, however, she was able to know and live with common people who only wished for redemption and freedom. She thinks back to Cornelia, Nonette, Rivalz, Nina, Kallen, the birth of Zero, and the ascension of the benevolent empress Nunnally. She is then joined by Euphemia and Shirley, who joyfully watch as Lelouch continues his new life.

About a year later, Elizabeth summons Charles zi Britannia from the collective unconscious and battles him for possession of his Code. Though she is greatly injured in the fight, she emerges victorious and claims his Code as her own. Realizing she needs help, Elizabeth summons Euphemia. Elizabeth explains that she is fine, but will need some time to heal. She asks Euphemia to help her recover her body and the two notice her severed arm a distance away.

Later, after Elizabeth explains the situation to Euphemia, she looks at the Code on her hand. She notes that the it has been damaged and she will still go into the collective unconscious when Lelouch dies. However, she will be able to use the code to fix C's World and conjure items. Elizabeth summons Shirley as well and the three enter a room filled with portraits that represent Elizabeth's memories. The three then see a portrait begin to fall apart and disintegrate. Elizabeth explains that she and Lelouch damaged the place and the energy flux has been disrupted by the rubble. She says that they will need more people to fix it. Though Elizabeth already tried Jeremiah, who refused, she decides to summon Kallen's brother Naoto, who agrees to help them. As the four of them move the rubble, their work is interrupted when Elizabeth suddenly becomes flustered. She explains that she is feeling Lelouch's emotions as Kallen has just given birth to their second son. Using her Code, Elizabeth attempts to take a "snapshot" with Lelouch's eye, but it creates an adverse reaction, damaging her body. Fortunately, the wounds are not serious and Elizabeth was able to capture the image. They all watch excitedly as the picture comes into focus, showing Kallen holding her newborn son Nicholas.

Some time later, when Lelouch is picking out a ring to propose to Kallen, Elizabeth asks if he needs her to take a "snapshot", but Lelouch assures her it's not necessary. Later that day, Elizabeth summons Marianne from the collective unconscious to inform her about Lelouch and Nunnally's accomplishments. After Marianne makes a disparaging remark about Lelouch's children, Elizabeth angrily sends her back to the collective unconscious. She then readies herself to watch as Lelouch proposes to Kallen.

On the day of Lelouch and Kallen's wedding, Elizabeth summons Euphemia, Shirley, Naoto, and Zoyo to observe the ceremony along with her. When Lelouch takes Kallen's hand, Elizabeth uses her powers once again to allow Kallen to see her mother, brother, and Shirley who give her their blessings.

About two years later, Elizabeth summons Charles from the collective unconscious to mockingly inform him how Lelouch and Nunnally toppled his empire. During this time, Lelouch, who is playing a chess match against Naoto and Shirley's teacher Modesty, contacts her and asks if she can snapshot of the chessboard if need be. Elizabeth informs him that she won't be able to due to Charles' presence, but Lelouch wins the chess match anyway.

About four years later, Elizabeth once again summons Euphemia, Shirley, Naoto, and Zoyo to watch alongside her as Lelouch and Kallen welcome the birth of their second daughter, who is named after Elizabeth herself. At about the same time, Elizabeth is attacked by a machine in C's World that comes to life. The machine stops, apparently after recognizing her Code, but to be safe, Elizabeth dismantles it with the assistance of people she summoned from the collective unconscious (presumably Euphemia and Shirley).

One month later, Elizabeth is visited by Suzaku who is investigating an energy spike that was recorded at Kamine Island a month prior. After Suzaku accuses her of deceiving everyone, believing she is still alive, Elizabeth explains that she is dead, but due to Lelouch's Geass, she has a strong link to him and is now caught between life and death. She then misleads Suzaku, telling him that she can feel Lelouch's emotions, but cannot contact him and he is unaware of her existence. Elizabeth then escorts Suzaku through C's World, intending to tell him everything she can about it and the Geass. As she leads Suzaku down a stairway to a dark cavern, he tells her that he only wants to know what happened at Kaminejima a month ago, but Elizabeth tells him that she must explain everything from the beginning.

After explaining the history and nature of the Code and the Geass, Elizabeth shows Suzaku the machine that came to life and she subsequently dismantled. She tells Suzaku she doesn't know what it is, but it was most likely the cause of or was connected to the energy spike. Elizabeth then details the origins of Britannia and Charles, V.V.'s, and Marianne's plans to rule the world. Suzaku then questions Elizabeth whether she used Kallen as a pawn, and she replies that she did a kindness for her since she was on the brink of suicide. Suzaku says she couldn't have known what was best for her, but Elizabeth counters that she read Kallen's mind and knew that Lelouch was the only hope she had left. Suzaku still remains unconvinced, believing that Kallen's love for Lelouch was forced on her due to her trauma, and claims that Shirley was the one who truly loved Lelouch. Elizabbeth replies that Shirley wouldn't have had the fortitude to endure the Zero Requiem, which Shirley herself admitted.

After a brief altercation between Suzaku and the summoned Shirley, who also implants some of her memories into him, Elizabeth reunites Suzaku with Euphemia. After Suzaku and Euphemia discuss the events of the last thirteen years, Elizabeth joins them in discussing the Zero Requiem and how it wouldn't have worked. Euphemia then explains Charles' real intentions in sending Lelouch and Nunnally to Japan and tells Suzaku that his real reason for killing his father was protect Lelouch and Nunnally. Outraged, Suzaku accuses Elizabeth of deceiving him, but she explains that Suzaku's mind had blocked off that part of his memory due to the trauma. Elizabeth then goes into more detail about Charles' plan to rule the world and, seeing that Suzaku understands the horror of such a plan, she asserts that her claim about Lelouch being innocent of Euphemia's death is true. Furious, Suzaku grabs Elizabeth and fiercely refutes her claim, but Euphemia stops Suzaku and supports Elizabeth's story. After much discussion, Suzaku finally accepts Elizabeth's story as the truth and begins to break down and cry in Euphemia's arms. Once he recovers, Euphemia sends a signal to Elizabeth and she collapses. Elizabeth tells Suzaku that she has reached her limit and she can no longer sustain Euphemia's consciousness. As Euphemia disappears before Suzaku's eyes, the two tearfully embrace and bid farewell. Elizabeth attempts to apologize, but Suzaku simply tells her that, once she recovers, there is one more person he wants her to summon.

A few hours later, Elizabeth summons Jeremiah and Suzaku shows him pictures of his daughter Jeraldine. From a distance, Elizabeth, Euphemia, and Shirley watch the exchange as Elizabeth explains to them who Jeremiah is. Once the two are done, Elizabeth sends Jeremiah back into the collective unconscious. Suzaku constructs a small grave-like monument. Elizabeth approaches him and asks if it's a grave for Euphemia, but Suzaku replies that it is a grave for his past self as he is now ready to move on. Suzaku asks Elizabeth once more if anyone will be able to get into C's World and she assures him that no one will since there are no more Codes or Geasses in the world. With that Suzaku takes his leave. Elizabeth welcomes him to come back any time, but Suzaku replies that the next time he comes to C's World he will likely be dead.

Once Suzaku leaves, Euphemia and Shirley approach Elizabeth, acknowledging that they had lied about Elizabeth only being able to summon them for a limited time. When Shirley comments that she is glad she only had to tell the truth, Elizabeth remarks that lying is a common practice for her, but Euphemia must be suffering for having to lie to the man she loved.

A short while later, Elizabeth watches as her Code and all the ruins in C's World activate, creating a chaotic overflow of energy. She is contacted by Lelouch who is suffering adverse affects from the energy surge, but she tells him she does not know why it's happening and she cannot do anything. As Lelouch falls unconscious, Elizabeth inadvertently communicates with Kallen, who asks if she is the one causing Lelouch's turmoil. Elizabeth denies it and claims that Lelouch summoned her to find out what was going on. Although she doesn't know the cause, Elizabeth promises to do everything she can, while Kallen agrees to put Lelouch to bed and take care of him.

Later, as Lelouch's condition begins to improve, Elizabeth explains to Kallen that the ruin activity is decreasing. She observes that whoever is responsible must have some connection to the collective unconscious and used it to access information about human history that transpired during their absence. Kallen then asks Elizabeth if, over her centuries of living, anyone has ever said "Thank you" to her. Elizabeth replies that several have, but they all ended up trying to kill her afterwards. As Kallen tells her there is always a first time for true gratitude, Elizabeth explains that Kallen can communicate with her through her mind due to having experienced the effects of Lelouch's Geass. Kallen then continues, explaining that Lelouch is only alive thanks to Elizabeth and she will be forever grateful to her. Elizabeth downplays Kallen's praise, saying that she only did what she thought was right, and Kallen jokingly replies that, if she doesn't fix what's going on in C's World, she'll make her pay. Elizabeth then contemplates that she's still not sure what the cause of the disruption was, but it likely had something to do with the artifacts. Though she could not replicate the artifacts with her Code, she recalls seeing images about ancient civilizations and previous Code and Geass owners in an information flux. She then wonders about the "Light Raft".

Once the energy surge ends and Lelouch awakens, Elizabeth contacts him, explaining that she spoke to Kallen while he was unconscious and promises to explain everything later.

A few weeks later, Elizabeth plays a racing video game with Shirley and Euphemia until she notices that Lelouch feels agitated. Looking through Lelouch's eyes, Elizabeth tells Shirley and Euphie that he is at a reunion with Nunnally, Suzaku, a girl with glasses, and two others she doesn't recognize. Shirley realizes that they are her old classmates and forcibly throws herself at Elizabeth, wanting to see them, while Euphemia tells Lelouch that he must stick to the story that they created for Suzaku, much to Elizabeth's chagrin as they begin to crush her.


Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Initially stoic and distant towards Lelouch and using him only as a means to an end, C.C. eventually grows to care for Lelouch. The exact nature of feelings are unclear, but, at the very least, she apparently wishes she could have loved him and shared a life with him. Though she initially appears complicit in Lelouch's Zero Requiem plot, C.C. secretly devises her own plan to stop Lelouch from ending his life and ride the world of the Code and the Geass. To this end, she sacrifices her own life by detonating the Damocles' FLEIJA launcher while proclaiming that her time with Lelouch had been the happiest of her life.

After her death, C.C. finds that she has remained independent of the collective unconscious due to her connection to Lelouch's Geass. Through her connection, she can telepathically communicate with Lelouch and feel his feelings as her own, among many other abilities. In this capacity, C.C. continues to act as a companion and advisor to Lelouch, helping him through many stages of his life, including his relationship with Kallen and becoming a father. Though she is somewhat envious of the life Lelouch and Kallen have, C.C. remains a dear friend to Lelouch even after death.

Kallen Kouzuki[]

Initially only comrades in service of both Lelouch and the Black Knights, C.C. and Kallen eventually develop a friendship between them. After C.C. decides to subvert Lelouch's Zero Requiem plan, she approaches Kallen who has become utterly despondent due to the death of her mother. C.C. then enacts her plan by implanting her and Lelouch's memories into Kallen and convincing her that she must be the one to stay by Lelouch's side and build a future together with him. Though C.C. sacrifices her life in the battle against the Damocles, she is able to see her plan come to fruition through her connection to Lelouch as he and Kallen start a new life together, have children, and eventually marry. Though a bit jealous of their relationship, C.C. is ultimately happy that Kallen has been able to give Lelouch a future. After her death, C.C. speaks to Kallen once more during the Castor incident after Lelouch falls unconscious. During their conversation Kallen expresses her gratitude to C.C., though she replies that she only did what she thought was right.

Suzaku Kururugi[]

Though C.C. has no strong feelings of friendship or affection for Suzaku, the two act as comrades for a brief period during Lelouch's reign as emperor, although she does work to undermine his and Lelouch's Zero Requiem plan. Several years after C.C.'s death, during the Castor incident, Suzaku visits C's World and C.C. acts as his guide, showing him the history of the Code and the Geass and explaining Charles' plan to dominate the world. During this visit, C.C. also works with Euphemia and Shirley to convince Suzaku that Lelouch was not at fault for Euphemia's death. By convincing Suzaku of this, C.C. helps him to move on with his life and leave the past behind him. The two part ways with a feeling of mutual respect.

Euphemia and Shirley[]

After her death, C.C. discovers that she is able to summon people from the collective unconscious and give them physical bodies. With this capability, she summons Euphemia and Shirley to act as her comrades to assist her with various tasks and stave off the boredom of C's World. C.C. informs them of the full scope of events that happened before and since their deaths, while also teaching them some of her abilities, and overtime the three become close friends.

Charles zi Britannia[]

C.C. is resentful towards Charles for him having manipulated her and Lelouch as well as his mad ambition to rule the world. A few years after hear death, C.C. summons Charles from the collective unconscious and successfully takes his Code from him. Another few years later, C.C. summons him again and mockingly informs him of Lelouch and Nunnally's success in toppling his empire.

Marianne vi Britannia[]

Though C.C. resents Marianne for deceiving Lelouch and attempting to rule the world, she apparently feels some lingering sense of friendship or obligation to her as seen when she summons Marianne to inform her of everything Lelouch and Nunnally have done since her death. However, after Marianne insults Lelouch's children, C.C. angrily sends her back to the collective unconscious and apparently never summons her again.


As a Code-bearer, C.C. is effectively immortal, never aging and unable to be killed by any force. However, as later discovered, there are two exceptions to this rule: Dismember and decapitation, as Code-bearers are unable to regeneration lost limbs, and total vaporization or disintegration of the body, which ultimately is the cause of C.C.'s death. With her Code, C.C. is also able to grant people the power of Geass and can read, implant, and/or restore people's memories. Eventually, C.C. becomes completely telepathic with Lelouch, being able to read his mind.

After her death, C.C. remains independent of the collective unconscious due to her connection with Lelouch's Geass and resides in C's World. She is able to telepathically communicate with Lelouch and feels his emotions as her own. She is also able to summon people from the collective unconscious and give them physical bodies. She can also conjure any item that is within the collective memory of humanity. Using the Code she takes from Charles, C.C. is apparently also able to see through Lelouch's eye. Furthermore, she is able to take "snapshots" through Lelouch's eye, essentially taking a photograph of whatever is in his field of vision, which Lelouch is then able to see and becomes a portrait in the room of C.C.'s collective memories. C.C. can also act as a conduit, allowing other people she has summoned from the collective unconscious to communicate with Lelouch and anyone who makes physical contact with him.