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C.C (Shi-Tsu) as you call her in the Japanese version of the anime pronounced as ‘Shi-Tsu’ but subtitled C.C or C2 as said in the English Version of the anime is the main protagonist of Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion Seasons 1-2 with a third season currently in the makes that may or may not release in 2020 or possibly 2021 and is the supporting character of Code Geass: Sons of Powers the Fourth season of the anime which is the only existing season to introduce superhuman powers specifically kinetic type powers and is the Loving Mother of Lekazu and Sukayo, C2 is also married to Lelouch in Sons of Powers due to their love.


C2 has long lime green hair that slightly passes her shoulders and stops at about her middle back, C2 has yellow or amber pupils like eyes as well having light or peach skin.

C2 has changed into many different outfits throughout seasons 1-2 and even more in Lelouch of the Re;surrection Film but her most recent outfits are worn in Sons of Powers although she buys more outfits throughout the season.

In Sons of Powers C2 wears a green tank top with some light pink shorts while living in a Britannia Household that Lelouch found.

Later in the Seasons C2 changes into a Pink shirt and a green skirt with some orange high heels which she temporary seen wearing while she loses her memory.

After losing her memory C2 is seen wearing a red dress with a braided hairstyle as Lelouch goes on a date with her with some matching red high heels.

At The Britannian household C2 is seen wearing a White Tank Top with Green Shorts with Red Slippers or Flip Flops, C2 later changes into one of her recent outfit from past seasons which is the same white colored cropped top along with white plain shorts and barefooted, sometimes C2 wears white thigh high high-heeled boots with a golden pattern along with white plain bodyshorts and a cropped top which was one of her rarer outfit in past seasons.


C2 currently has the biological age of 16 which makes her a teenager, And She is also going to be staying at The same age due to her immortality.


While C2 has no special mystical Powers, She has one unique ability and that is her Immortality which allows her to have very little weaknesses and allows her to live for a infinite eternity, C2 also can regenerate from small wounds.


C2 is very kind, passionate and caring but due to trauma from being fooled by a Nun in her past C2 struggles to trust anyone until she met Lelouch who seemed to care for her and love her, Ever since her past C2 has been hiding her emotions but deep down it was because she was hurt, scarred and ashamed she overcame this situation and love Lelouch leading to marrying him.

While suffering Amnesia C2’s Personality is slightly more complicated and different from her past as She was like a sweet girl before under the contract of the Geass, Thus C2 is mostly shy, kind and still passionate...

Because of her shyness C2 has been afraid of some people losing her memory such as Lelouch even though he promised not to hurt her, however when C2 grazed her finger on a tiny glass shard because of Lelouch smashing a plate she was offering became even more distant from Lelouch until he started apologizing and regretting his decision but strangely as Lelouch started crying Due to Amnesia C2 mistaken his sobbing for being cold, Lelouch lies just to play along with her word and asks C2 how she heals inside she responds that she finds friends and Lelouch reacts surprised about her reason but plays along again, C2 then asks if friends are people that stay by his side and Lelouch once again plays along agreeing, C2 is also given a bandaid by Lelouch to heal her scraped finger, C2 shares another interaction with Lelouch as she asks him to take off his shirt he reacts surprised, C2 explains that she can help him feel better for his battle wounds as she takes a box of bandages to aid him, Lelouch agrees stressfully C2 proceeds to take off his shirt but Kallen interrupts and tells Lelouch that Ohgi sent her to tell him to hurry up, C2 hides behind a bookshelf due to her shyness and C2 asks Lelouch if he could take off his shirt, Kallen overhears the conversation and gets a little Jealous But Lelouch tells her she’s getting the wrong Idea and informs her that C2 lost her memory, This is probably the last time an Amnesiac C2 and Lelouch see each other in the season.

C2’s other personality returns again in Sons of Powers as her Amnesia is triggered by a Headache and passing out, C2 recognizes Lelouch as her Master but he finally gathers up the courage to tell her his name which She easily remembers despite her claim with her trouble with French Names, C2 resists hugs from Lelouch after he tries his best to explain to her who she is, Lekazu intervenes and tries to explain in full detail who she is while Lelouch tries to convince C2 that they are married. C2 resists another hug from Lelouch and calls him a ‘Pervert’ Lelouch is saddened by her insult but resumes explaining to her how much he and her fell in love eventually C2 kisses Lelouch’s Cheek and tells Him She figures out that they were a couple and they finally share a affectionate kiss they never did before.

C2 willingly spends more time with Lelouch who willingly helps her with her memories but days past and C2’s memories is recovering too slowly but Lelouch tells her The Memories will come back when the time comes, Unlike when C2 first lost her memories as Lelouch gives up hope for his sons She comforts him by hugging him and telling him that He can be a good influence on his son if he is careful, also unlike her previous Amnesia C2 Kisses Lelouch more and has more of an romantic relationship with Lelouch rather than claiming to be Master and Student previously.

C2 also seems to embrace Lelouch more even when having no memories, Even if C2 has no memories her split personality still remembers Lelouch as her beloved boyfriend. C2 even helped Lelouch contact his younger sister Nunnally despite having no memories and seemingly nothing can break C2 and Lelouch’s Romantic Bond And love for each other.

The Amnesiac C2 continues to help Lelouch anyway she can, When Lelouch has a sad dream and started sobbing over the events of the dream C2 came to Lelouch and comforts him over his fear of losing her. C2 seems to not want Lelouch sad and upset as she understands his pain and loves him, Lelouch is seemingly grateful to have a beautiful sweetheart like C2 as his girlfriend and wife.

C2 with no memories even without memories still has her Emotions, as C2 lashes out on Lelouch for disrespecting her while she was doing so much to support him after she saw how he reacted when She was trying to explain how she loved him unfortunately this did hurt Lelouch’s feelings as he was trying to apologize and Lelouch storms out of the house sobbing, C2 quickly regrets what she has done to Lelouch and tries to go after him to apologize to him but Lelouch is gone, C2 then suddenly feels guilty and cries herself. When Lelouch was captured by Schneizel’s Britannian Henchmen C2 goes to rescue him and when they return to their family house, C2 catches Lelouch sobbing over C2’s previous scolding and C2 apologizes to Lelouch for hurting him which comforts Lelouch But C2 begins crying instead and Lelouch holds her to comfort. C2 sobbing complains about hurting his feelings by lashing out at him but Lelouch tells her that there is nothing that would make him stop loving her the way she is and C2 finds comfort in his words, The Couple share a passionate kiss shortly after.


Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion S1-S2[]

C2 first appeared in Season 1 contained by a large capsule which was soon released by Suzaku and Lelouch who were running from Britannian Soldiers who were framing the two for being terrorists but while helping the unconscious C2 out of the warehouse which the soldiers have blown a hole through, Suzaku is shot unconscious due to taking a bullet to a rib...Lelouch runs with C2 trying to save her and assumes that It is her fault how they are being hunted down, Lelouch and C2 try escaping by climbing stairs sneaking away until Lelouch’s phone rang giving away his cover, The Soldiers are alerted and Lelouch ends up in a Dead End, The Britannian Soldiers capture C2 and just as Lelouch is about to be shot, C2 covers for him and is shot in the head right as her cursed mark seemingly killing her, Lelouch reacts frightened by the attack tries to wake her up C2 suddenly grabs Lelouch’s arm which sends him into a mind space where they make a contract exchanging Lelouch with a Special Ability the Geass The well known Ability, Lelouch uses the Geass ability to kill the soldiers And After asks C2 what kind of ability has she gave him.

C2 lives in Lelouch’s Mansion appearing with a Blind Nunnally folding origami papers, Lelouch drags C2 into his room which she has a conversation with Lelouch about his ability afterward she undresses and lays on Lelouch’s Bed.

C2 is last seen in the season fighting with Gino the Battle end in a draw and they are both sinking in the water.

In Season 2 C2 has apparently survived the battle from the previous Season and goes after Lelouch who have been targeted by Britannian Soldiers once again, C2 goes to rescue Lelouch in the bigger warehouse who has been given false memories by Charles his Father, Lelouch regains his memories and uses the Geass to kill the soldiers, Lelouch fights to escape the warehouse with an explosion and the help of Kallen.

Later in the Season Lelouch returns his life as Zero once again finding new enemies and leading the black knights once again to victory.

While C2 has no memories Lelouch takes care of her but she mistaken Lelouch as her Master since he never told her his name, Lelouch briefly gets upset at her which causes a glass shard to graze her finger, Lelouch apologizes to her and gives her a bandaid, C2 attempts to help Lelouch by giving him a bandaid to heal wherever he is injured after hearing his fight with Suzaku but Kallen Interrupts.

Near the end of the season C2 fights Kallen and she lost but C2 goes to a church to pray while Lelouch is killed by Suzaku, C2 sheds a tear sensing Lelouch’s death indicating She has feelings for him.

In Lelouch of the Re;surrection C2 revives Lelouch and they travel to different parts of the world, Lelouch faces off against a queen who has the power to manipulate time after death but Lelouch defeats her by putting her to sleep for a eternity, Lelouch then makes C2 his own proposal which allows him to go with her to her little trip.

In Sons of Powers C2 is no longer a main heroine character but a supporting character guiding her sons Sukayo and Lekazu to master their inner powers, C2 also fears telekinetic powers in the season and C2 has more romantic interactions with Lelouch in the season

Remembering Lelouch[]

After C2 suffers a sudden headache from returning to home from a Pet store She falls unconscious but Lelouch helps her wake up and once again Amnesia Awakens her Innocent And Shy Side Of her Lelouch tells her his name which she remarks as a French Name then uncomfortable with Lelouch's Romantic Gestures accidentally claiming he is a Pervert then Lelouch explains his deep love for her and regrets not telling his feelings for her when she first lost her memories and C2 overcomes her shyness to confess the Love she had bottled up from Lelouch affectionately engages with a Kiss from him after Lelouch happily he won The Gentle Side Of her Character's Heart And C2 changes outfit to a white Turtle Neck Cropped Top Some White Body shorts and Thigh High Heeled White Boots with Yellow Patterns styled at the middle and a Yellow pattern painted halfway on her Medium Block Flat Heels Lelouch recalls a Memory where C2 last wore the attractive Clothing And was the Incident where A Plate Shard scrapped her finger after grazing it and Lelouch regrets after seeing the Memory But C2 manages to comfort him and give Lelouch a Passionate Kiss for the First time Which led to them Wondering If he could've avoided hurting her despite him being frustrated at whatever problem he is dealing with C2 explains to him how changing the past is nearly impossible and altering Events could create another timeline or Mess up another Timeline Lelouch comes to accept the gentle side of C2 with no memory except the Memory of being in love with him C2 struggles to obtain her other memories


Lelouch vi Britannia: C2 slightly saw Lelouch as nothing more than a Accomplice and a friend temporary until she started to grow more fond with him falling for Lelouch, Thus They have spent more time together due to their affection towards each other, They currently take care of each other and love each other to the point of being married. Even after marriage they still tend to support and care for each other immensely.

Kallen Kouzuki: C2 briefly dislikes Kallen due to her rivalry with Lelouch until She bonded with Kallen and considering her a close friend of hers.

Lekazu vi Britannia: C2 does fear her son’s powers but even then She helps Lekazu control his Immense Powers and supports her son even telling him about her past with his father, C2 loves her son as much as her husband.

Sukayo Lamperouge: C2 is very protective of Sukayo as he does tend to get into danger a lot so She tries her best to help Sukayo and guide him.

Shirley Fennette: C2 dislikes Shirley probably because her love with Lelouch and C2 is Jealous because she also has a Crush on Lelouch, C2 eventually makes peace with Shirley but still becomes Jealous of her.

Suzaku Kururugi: C2 doesn’t have many interactions with Suzaku apart from very few times but seem to have a friendship.

Hakuru Kaname: C2 seems to care much about Hakuru as She sees Hakuru as a struggling child who has difficulty awakening his powers, C2 gives him advise and tries to support him.

Ikura Kaname: C2 feels bad for Ikura for giving into his Villain like personality and C2 is also one of the characters who forgives Ikura for his destructive intent.

Nunnally vi Britannia: C2 and Nunnally have a good relationship, C2 seems to enjoy taking care of Nunnally and spending time with her folding Origami papers, Lelouch even mentions that C2 must have a mutual soft spot for Nunnally.

Charles vi Britannia: C2 seems to despise Charles but C2 has attempted to give up her immortality so that Lelouch can fulfill his contract with her until Lelouch convinced her to forget about the contract and make a promise to her that he will make her smile no matter what.

Marianne vi Britannia: C2 strongly despises Marianne especially as she let her own son be implanted false memories and possessing Anya to escape death, C2 eventually feels sorry for Marianne as she is destroyed by C’s World but doesn’t feel much remorse due to her evil desires.

Similarity to Lekazu[]

C2 and Lekazu share a Emotional Personality but they also have huge differences C2 has no powers to connect emotions with and Lekazu can access his Powers through his Immense Emotions which enhances his powers to a larger scale.

C2 also has wisdom she demonstrated in past seasons and Lekazu seems to inherit some of C2’s Wisdom as he is born while Sukayo fails to Inherit her Wisdom.


C2 has similar hair color to One Punch Man’s Tornado but the Two have different shades of lime and green, Tornado does have a lime shade and a dark green shade.

C2 loved Lelouch due to realizing her true wish was to be loved by people but naturally not forced because she briefly had a Geass.

C2 seem to have a weaker Geass than Lelouch due to her inexperienced skills which is expressed most of the seasons.

C2 was made inexperienced by Sunrise in an attempt to make her a more interesting character and C2 herself never seems like a Fighter at all.

C2 May be inspired by other female characters such as Rukia of Bleach as they share similar emotionless expressions at rare times.


Code Geass: Season 4 Sons of Powers[]

“I love you Lelouch, I always will.” - C2 to Lelouch after losing her memories.

“I worry about Lekazu huge powers they might be too harmful and It might get into his head.” - C2 to Lelouch about Lekazu’s Psychokinetic Powers.

“I believe in you Lelouch, You can help your Sons.” C2 to Lelouch comforting him of Lekazu and Sukayo.

“I never though I would be a mother.” - C2 to Lelouch after marrying him but this is an off screen quote.

“Lelouch was the most amazing person I have ever met, I can’t lose him after everything we’ve been through not again. I love him too much...” - C2 to Kallen after Lelouch gets kidnapped.

“I thought I would never see you again.” - C2 to Lelouch after rescuing him from Kidnappers.

“Ever since I cut my finger or scraped it, We have actually been able to explore our relationship, and I don’t want it to end.” - C2 to Lelouch after recalling the Incident when she first lost memories.

“Lelouch, I’m not good with French names.” - C2 after losing her memories again and remembering Lelouch

”Lelouch, in my nightmare You were shot and bled out then You said how you would always be with me and I cried hard I just Don’t want to lose you.” - C2 after experiencing a dream of Lelouch’s death

”Lekazu my sweet boy, Your Powers aren’t a toy and you shouldn’t be wielding it with such remorseless.” - C2 to Lekazu of his Telekinesis.