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"The Caerleon Class Air Destroyer while officially the fourth and final subclass of the City Class Air Destroyer is actually also its successor design. It is twenty percent larger, and sports numerous improvements to the basic design of the City Class that came from the introduction of the new Fifth Generation Airship Design Prototype, the Avalon. This includes the likes of a MERLIN Series Largescale Yggdrasil Drive and a MSV Particle Shield. While we, at Douglas Airship Yards, have already hastily refitted our older City Class ships with these improvements, these new ships of the class will include them from the very start. Not to mention being far superior... "
―Taken from a Speech done by Duke Arthur Harrington, 7th Duke of Harrington, CEO of Douglas Airship Yards, after the unveiling of the new Caerleon Class Air Destroyer design

The Caerleon Class Air Destroyer, is not only the fourth and final subclass of the smaller City Class Air Destroyer but also being its successor design. This came about after the introduction of the Avalon which is the first ever fifth generation airship design in the world which saw much of the improvements of this new design being incorporated into the already existing airships of the Royal Air Force as fast as possible. However, along with these refits numerous new ships complete with these new improvements would be introduced by the Douglas Airship Yards and the new Caerleon Class would be the first of these new mass produced Fifth Generation Airship Design to be introduced, soon followed by that of the Kamikaze Class Aerial Destroyer of the Order of the Black Knights and then the Broadsword Class Aerial Cruiser of the Orb Union Aerial Defense Forces.




HVC3E 45cm High-Velocity Cannons[]

CAW3 Regina 25mm Point-Defense Cannons[]

VMA95 Forward Missile Launchers[]

System Features[]

AS-2 "Blaze Citadel" MSV Particle Shields[]

FA-A5 Aerial Float System[]

FA-S4 Secondary Aerial Float System[]

SA-7 Multispectral Sensor and Radar System[]

EP-2E "Bumblebee-II" Escape Pods[]

Notable Ships and Crew[]

HMAS Arran []

  • Air Captain Henry Mass

HMAS Camelo []

  • Air Captain Samuel Upson
"Oh do shut up Captain! You are going to sink anyways. Let's make your death spectacular! "
―Knight of Ten Luciano Bradley, after using his Knightmare's slash harkens to throw the damaged HMAS Camelo at the BKS Empress of China

The Camelo had been one of eight Caerleon Class Air Destroyer, two Avalon Class Air Cruisers, and two Logres Class Air Battleships assigned to Area 11 soon after the formation of the United Federation of Nations to reinforce the military forces already assigned to Area 11. The Camelo would then be assigned to the defense of the Kagoshima Settlement when the UFN started its invasion. During the resulting Battle of Kagoshima Settlement it would be heavily damaged in an attack from several Black Knight Knightmares and would start to withdraw from the battle when it was used by Knight of Ten Luciano Bradley as a makeshift missile to destroy the Black Knight flagship Empress of China no matter that the ship had only been damaged and still had crew on board. Even then this failed and the injured airship would then be destroyed by the XT-409 Shen Hu piloted by Black Knight General Li Xingke before it could hit the flagship.

Variants and Subclasses[]



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