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Both the Prototype and Custom Celtic-Class Dreadnought used by Maximillion Vi Britannia as his Flagship, it is heavily armoured and armed, it includes an energy recycling system so that it doesn't need to be refulled and a high speed generation system.


Maximillion’s Celtic-Class Aerial Heavy Destroyer/Dreadnought/Flagship: Celeste[]


  • 2.41 kilometers Long

Width: []

  • 700 Meters Wid


  • 800 (at the bridge area) High

Unit type:[]

  • Heavy Destroyer/Dreadnought

Design Brainchild:[]

Contracted Shipyard:[]

  • Panama Naval Base


  • 20x Large Missile Launchers
  • 1200x Forward Anti-air CIWS
  • 240x anti-air missile Launchers
  • 18x torpedo, on ship underside
  • 600x Rear Anti-air CIWS
  • 800x underside all-purpose CIWS
  • 20x Large Duel Barrelled VARIS energy particle cannons
  • 1x Titanic MVS drill/Large (possibly Stark) Hadron Cannon, located in nose of Ship


  • Zeus high Particle drive, a system in the near rear of the ship that uses a charge from radiation to create energy and also circulate it with usage from the Blooming effect of Large Gefjun Disturber System and the energy absorbing field created by Thomas Harvey
  • Fenrir High Speed Booster engine, a speed increasing device that can triple the ship’s speed for long distance travel, located at the domed area at the back of the ship
  • Custom "Blaze Luminous" MSV particle Energy shield that blocks MVS Weapons, Radiation and Hadron Shots but has limited protection against bullets and missiles
  • Energy Armour, specialised armour that makes bullets and missile useless, it also allows the ship to take on its colour scheme
  • Large Float System used for support with a few Verniers for speedy movement
  • 3x Linear catapult built into forward and underside of main body, 1x unfolds over Titanic MVS drill while the remaining 2x unfold on either lower side of the ship main body like an Agamemnon-Class from Gundam Seed
  • Neo-Druid system analysis complex
  • Optical Camouflage System
  • Large Gefjun Disturber System

Knightmare Frame Complement:[]

  • 1x Maleagant designs (Maleagant, Maleagant Catalyst and Maleagant Shroud)
  • 1x 10th Generation Unit (P-00 Percy)
  • ?x MP-01 Meliant
  • ?x MP-02 Meliant Metros


  • Captain Rex Goodman
  • Executive Officer/Admiral Seitz Kururugi
  • Supreme Commander Maximillion ‘Max/Maxi’ Vi Britannia

Info – This ship is the Flagship of the Judges of Britannia that are CEO Commanded by Maximillion with Seitz Kururugi being its highest rank, the ship looks like and is a reference to the Space Noah-class Battleship: Kurogane, off Super Robot Wars


  • The Celeste was usually used simply as Maximillion's heavily customised Flagship that ferried him around the World, despite having luxory of the highest Grand it did however have distructive power comparable to a F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead, Maximillion firstly used it to crush a number of Rebellions around the territories controled by Britannia.
  • The Celeste was used the Flagship of the Forces that invaded Russia from the Bering Sea.