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Charmelle Finlay
  • Black Knight Ace
  • Former Britannian Soldier
  • Guren Isshiki Pilot
  • Member of Zero Squadron
Age 25
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 104.5 lbs
Race Britannian
Special Traits
  • Ace Knightmare Pilot
  • Skilled Martial Artist
  • Expert Marksman
Military Info
  • Britannian Empire
  • Order of the Black Knights
  • Captain
  • 0 Knightmare Squadron "Rei"
Units Piloted

Charmelle Finlay is a knightmare pilot affiliated to the Order of the Black Knights, as well as a member of the elite 0 Knightmare Squadron "Rei" (otherwise known as Zero Squadron). She is also notably a former Britannian soldier and one of the protagonists of Code Geass Megiddo.



Charmelle Finlay is a former Britannian soldier who defected to the Order of the Black Knights following the Devastation, in which she and her comrades were callously sacrificed purely to spite the Black Knights. Charmelle is a talented pilot, but has experienced stigma throughout her life. Like her commander Major Kallen Kouzuki, she is the bastard child of Britannian nobility (her father impregnated his secretary), and her father only took her in to avoid the rumors that he had murdered her mother. Her half siblings were not appreciative, and she spent her early childhood being bullied by her siblings and her foster mother.

Charmelle escaped this by joining the military, overcoming the stigma of her instructors and becoming renowned as a deadly fighter (in fact Cornelia even considered her as a candidate for Euphemia's knight).

During the Devastation, Charmelle was caught in the blast but managed to survive. Viletta Nu found her and protected her from a furious Tamaki; fortunately, his friend Minami persuaded him to back down and let them live. Like the rest of the survivors, Charmelle made it to Ryukyu, and ultimately joined the Black Knights. Due to her skill, she was added to Zero Squadron.

Personality and Traits[]

Charmelle is in many ways the embodiment of knightly virtues; intelligent, brave, loyal and a fierce warrior. In spite of this, Charmelle does have a sense of melancholy. Due to the circumstances of her birth (her father had an affair with his secretary and may have murdered her in order to protect his reputation) Charmelle was treated unfairly her entire life by both her half siblings and the instructors at military school. Indeed, her success was motivated in part by a desire to avoid failing.

She has a strong relationship with Alfred Darlton.

Powers and Abilities[]



Charmelle is often considered one of the greatest pilots in the Black Knights, second only to Alfred Darlton and Kallen Kozuki


Liliana Vergamon: Though they both served in the Britannian military, Charmelle has never liked Liliana due to her bloodthirsty nature. In spite of this, she is more concerned about Marika Soresi.

Kallen Kozuki: Charmelle has a strong relationship with her commanding officer to the point where Kallen trusted her with the revelation that she abandoned Zero on Kamine Island.

Alfred Darlton: The XO of Zero Squad, Charmelle and Alfred have a close relationship, with Charmelle trusting him about her past.