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Cholule B. Vritannia (チョールレB.ヴリタニア, Chōrure B. Vuritania) is the unknowingly Samuel's friend and actually was Lelouch V. Britannia's reincarnated form.

History in Super Sentai[]

Post-Ending Heroes[]

Cholule was first appeared because Samuel first encountered him and knows his name (confirmed that Samuel's name was strangely thoughs and his voice was bit changed). Samuel thinking learned that Cholule's Geass is not confirmed or still has a unknown reason. He strangely comments that Cholule is knows his name and connection and Eureka either to Peter Griffin. After the end of Putosaurus' death, Samuel asking him to "who" are you anyway. However, Cholule remembered him during the battle against himself, quickly returning voice to normal and revealed that was Lelouch much as Samuel's horribly shocked. Cholule eventually ask Samuel to visits to his true brother, but he also asked him to tell Ultraman Zero and visiting him for the first time. Cholule wish to say unknown kind of creation or rebirth someday then go back to shadowy Ultraman Zero and went off.

Aftermath, Cholule was reverted back to his former self as Lelouch by Ultraman Zero.