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Code Geass: Brothers of Justice is a debut fanfiction written by LamperougeFiction. It is being published on It follows two twin brothers Nate and Felix Laurence as they become caught up in a conflict that consumes the world.

Code Geass: Brothers of Justice will be released in two parts, R1 and R2, similar to Lelouch of the Rebellion.


Before Brothers of Justice[]

In the five years since Zero Requiem, the world has changed. Many new countries have been formed due to the death of Lelouch vi Britannia, and old governments have reformed to create reborn nations. Empress Nunnally and the UFN reached an agreement to hand control of the Britannian military entirely over to Zero and the Black Knights, on the condition that Britannia be represented with limited votes on the UFN Supreme Council. With permission from the UFN, Nunnally formed a small group of knights to take orders directly from her. This group, led by a man named Bradford Keighley, was known as the Knights of Nunnally.

In 2022, two unprovoked attacks occurred on major cities: Paris, the capital of the newly reborn European Union, and Jerusalem, an important city located in the Middle Eastern Federation. These attacks threatened the world with conflict as the offended nations attempted to find the perpetrator.