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Code Geass: Kaizaren of the Empire, is a fanfiction by AnimeNerd 215. The plot is centered around Kaizaren ki Britannia, the 12th prince, as he enters Area 11 and is swept up in the events of the original anime's plot, though it dffers in many ways.


First Story: The year is 2017. Kaizaren is sent to Area 11 on orders from the emporer to undertake a mission as a student at Ashford academy, acting undercover, but, the day before his assingment, he pays Clovis a visit and is swept up in the combat. Using the Lancelot Striker, he leads his Knigtmare unit, the Black Suns, against the rising Black Knights. Once Kaizaren meets the mysterious "C.C." he is granted the power to see into the furture, but will this power truly allow him to alter everything he sees?

R2: Kaizaren has been living as a normal student since the Black Rebellion, but things aren't very settled with him. He remebers to much of what happened in the previous year, and the memories stay fresh and clear in his mind.


Warning, spoilers may appear from here on out:

  • Characters (Kaizaren of the Empire)
  • Knightmare Frames (Kaizaren of the Empire)
  • Event Differences