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It begins with a view of the decimated Shinjuku Ghetto. Two unknown soldiers are heard voicing their confusion and concern over the ceasefire order, that was previously issued by Clovis, as Kallen, Naoto, Ohgi, and many others are seen being lead out of the battle zone. Those same two soldiers then realize that Clovis has been left all alone on the G-1 Base.

The scene then changes to show Marik holding a gun to Clovis. Clovis speaks as if he is happy to find that Marik was not killed when Britannia invaded Japan and even goes as far as to suggest that the two of them should return home to Britannia. This is not an option for Marik as he does not want to be used as a tool for political ends and he says as much to Clovis.

Marik then begins to explain the events of his mother’s death. A flashback is shown of the day Eri died and was killed by a Assassin when Japan was invaded by Britannia and he knows that the royal family had something to do with it.

Back in the G-1, Clovis frantically denies that he had any involvement in the matter. Marik then uses his Geass to force Clovis to tell him the truth about who it was responsible for her Mother Assassin. Unfortunately Clovis does not know much and is only able to tell Lelouch to ask either Prince Scheizel or Princess Cornelia as they know more about it than he does as they had learn about Eri's Death. Marik believes that is all he knows and releases him of the Geass. Clovis pleads his innocence a little more before Marik pulls the trigger on the gun.

Meanwhile Lelouch wonder why Clovis call off the attack and decide to speak to him

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