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Rai of Britannia

Code Geass: Rai of Britannia is a FanFiction based on the chracter Rai from the Code Geass video game, Code Geass: Lost Colors for the PS2 and PSP game consoles. The story is by Blackmambauk, author of Code Geass Colorless Memories SideStories.


On April 20th 1995 a.t.b, a five year old boy with silver hair finds himself covered in blood from head to toe in the aftermath of his parent's deaths. Who did it and why it happened are still unknown. As the young boy walks through a nearby forest, he comes across a man who offers him a chance to gain a new purpose in life. The power called "Geass" is given to this boy named Rai in exchange for one wish that he must grant for this man who calls himself Q.Q.

Now rechristened Rai Frederick Cousland, he begins his journey into the world to not only better himself, but to repay Q.Q.'s kindness and grant him the wish he's been longing for.


  • Code Geass: Rai of Britannia Characters
  • Code Geass: Rai of Britannia Factions
  • Code Geass: Rai of Britannia Vehicles and Support Units 
  • Code Geass: Rai of Britannia Knightmare Frames


  • The setting is mainly in the Holy Britannian Empire, but it will have arcs that will take place in other locations of the Code Geass Universe and this fic will also focus on characters other than the main characters of Code Geass, due to the author's desire to explore and expand on characters who usually get little attention in Code Geass FanFiction and media.
  • The main characters of the original anime series will appear later on in the story and their roles will derive from their original counterparts. The story is also confirmed to be set before 2010 a.t.b. and the Invasion of Japan, leading to a view of the world without knightmares.