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Code Geass- Rai of the Revolution

Rai of the Revolution

Code Geass: Rai of the Revolution is an upcoming Reboot that the author By Zero011 plans to do in the near future. The main character is Rai from the Code Geass video game Code Geass lost Colors for the Ps2 and PSP. Who has lost his memories, and now finds himself having to regain them, all the while getting caught up in a conflict that will change not just his world. But those around him as well.

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Plot Summary[]

It's a common human trait to wish for alternate reactions from different actions. Cause and effect is an absolute rule that can never be shattered. Yet it is also an absolute rule that there are variations. Variables that could alter the outcome of any scenario are always possible no matter how small the difference it could make. Even the interference of another human being could alter what other people believed to be an absolute final. History is a prime example of these rules.

There are some events which could never be altered, such as the discovery of another country. It is simply human nature that leads humans to discover foreign land and new things. But other pieces of history could be altered by a single variable. A dictator on the rise to power could be stopped with many different variables. Perhaps one of his subordinates realizes his master's mistakes and decides to kill him and end his reign of terror.

Maybe a resistance grabs a vital strategic advantage over him and topples his regime. Or perhaps, a man with tremendous power but doesn't know how to use it obtains the chance to alter history. A chance to either destroy the world…or create anew.

That is what this story represents. The power to make history shift, to twist fate, and to define the line between the just and the evil. Every human being has the potential to change history. It is merely a matter of choice and chance. Now, one man is standing on the brink of opportunity.

Will he seek out his lost truth…or… will he abandon the world for his ambition to come to fruition?

Only he can say.

Only he can make that decision.

The young man…with no memory of his own…known as…Rai

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