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Code Geass: Rei of the Reformation is a fanfiction written by Demons Anarchy of Pride, and is a rewrite of his previous fanfiction, Code Geass: Lucian of the Paradox. Like the original storyline, the tale revolves around Lelouch's child, a seven year old girl named Rei.


Rei is a seven year old girl that seemingly showed up out of nowhere. She is innocent, kind, gentle, practically the definition of a little angel. So, one wouldn't think that she would know Lelouch vi Britannia, the most descpicable person to have ever existed, right?

Wrong. She knows him. She knows him well. She knows the deeds he had wrought to bring about a world order that knew only peace. She knew of his motivation. And she is also fully aware of his alter ego as Zero.

So, that just begs the question... Why in the holy hell does she keep calling him "Daddy"?!


Rei: the main protagonist of the story, and Lelouch and C.C.'s daughter. She is very kind and innocent, though she takes more after her aunt Nunnally with a bit of her father's cunning personality mixed in, and has inherited her mother's unnatural love for pizza, and carries with her a Cheese-kun plushie wherever she goes. Though the difference between her father in the future and her father in the past are vast, she is still able to tell it is him, and clings to him dearly, much to the shock and amusement of others. Lelouch is also extremely protective of her, though he is unaware that she is his daughter in the future. He also considers her an important part in his life, often referring to her as his 'angel', as she has often helped him stray from any unsavory or dark paths he would have found himself in. She also refers to everyone she knows by Big Bro or Big Sis, and Auntie or Uncle. She calls Lelouch 'Daddy', and C.C. 'Mommy.'

Lelouch vi Britannia: the father of Rei, and the original Zero. In Rei's timeline, he had purposely become known as the Demon Emperor of Britannia to gather the world's hatred and absolve it with his death at the hands of his friend Suzaku, who would take on the guise of Zero. Unfortunately, the plan had an unexpected variable: he had inherited his father's Code upon his death, and now lives on as an immortal. In present time, Lelouch is unsure of how to act around Rei, initially thinking her to be a street urchin that walked into his home until he grew shocked and disturbed when she called him Daddy. Despite his hesitance, he shares traits with his future self, being protect towards her, and also very angry whenever she is threatened. He also states that Rei is probably one of the two people that keeps him from becoming a true monster.