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Code Geass: The Neverending Battle is an upcoming

Code Geass - The Neverending Battle

fanfiction series written by Dreamer of Universes on, based on the Japanese anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion by Sunrise, directed by Goro Taniguchi. It is an continuation of the storyline set after the ending of R2.


Fall 2018 a.t.b.: To the shock of the world, Zero, deceased leader of the Black Knights, returns from the dead during a Britannian royal procession and kills Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia, ending his brief tyrannical reign over the world. Soon after Lelouch's death, his younger sister Nunnally vi Britannia is crowned as the 100th Empress of the Holy Empire of Britannia, who then declares Britannia's intention to work for the sake of peace instead of conquest, and to restore relations with the rest of the world. Aided by Zero, Empress Nunnally soon becomes a beacon of hope and peace to many people, and slowly but surely, the world begins to heal...

2025 a.t.b.: It is now 7 years since the death of the Demon Emperor. Britannia is now a member of the United Federation of Nations, which has come to encompass almost the entire world. With everyone now gathered at a table of mutual discussion and negotiation, war has been virtually eliminated from the world and global living conditions are steadily improving everywhere. The UFN's collective military organization, the Order of the Black Knights, now focuses its efforts on internal peacekeeping and ensures the day-to-day safety of the citizens. The current era is considered by many to be a golden era of peace. However, even now, there are those who continue to fight and oppose the current order, and terrorism still persists in certain areas...

In the United States of Japan, a Japanese youth called Katsuragi Kazuo joins the Black Knights Military Academy near Tokyo along with his two childhood friends, Sugihara Arata and Chidori Suzu. While bearing a dark past and a secret desire, Kazuo meets various classmates and teachers as a BK cadet as he strives to rise as a Knightmare pilot. Kazuo and his friends, however, are unprepared as they face enemies new and familiar in their experiences as Black Knight cadets, as well as the return of a power thought to have disappeared from the world...