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Code Geass: The Return of Caesar is a fanfiction of Code Geass published on Archive of Our Own, set mainly in the European United Republics (the equivalent to the Euro Universe) and the Dominion of Euro Britannia. Still under development, the story is structured on four main Acts, which cover the trajectory of the main character, the young Giulio Galahad-Canossa.

Giulio Galahad-Canossa, born in August 1997, is the only male son of Lord Livio Galahad-Canossa, 6th Margrave of Vermont and one of the most powerful nobles in Britannia. In 2010, while Britannia wages war on Japan and Empress Marianne is assassinated in mysterious circumstances, Emperor Charles zi Britannia also murders Lord Livio and confiscates all of his family's properties and assets, sending the family into exile.

As a result of his family's downfall, Giulio Galahad-Canossa grows as an exilé in the European United Republics, a quasi theocratic Jacobinistic Republic, where because of his origins and his ideas he faces frequent discrimination. In spite of this, he succeeds in joining the Military Academy of Modena and in taking service in the Italian National Army. While he will make his career as an officer of the Republic, he will start to conspire to take all of his revenges: against the European United Republics, which because of its institutions he regards as an aberration to be destroyed and Emperor Charles zi Britannia, responsible for his family's disgrace.

Act I: Julius of the Republic[]

The first act of the story begins with the funeral of the 6th Margrave of Vermont, in the family mausoleum near Montpelier. Already in this first scene it surfaces a strong relation of friendship between the young Giulio Galahad-Canossa and two members of the Imperial Family: Prince Clovis la Britannia and Princess Euphemia li Britannia. At the end of the prologue, while Giulio and his family are about to leave for Europe, Euphemia comes to see him in the airport and hands him a pendant, with engraved her personal crest and a Celtic Cross.

The story then develops in Europe, showing Giulio making his first steps in the Armed Forces, while also having his first contacts with the political dissidence, while his monarchist and nationalistic feelings will soon bring him to exploit his position in the Army to create a network of dissidents with the objective of overthrowing the Republican order. Moreover, soon after he enters into service, in the year of 2014, the European United Republics start a war with the Chinese Federation and the Indian Raj, over some colonial holdings in Asia. While the EUR will emerge defeated from the conflict, Giulio will distinguish himself for his bravery and tactical ability, a thing that will soon make of him a national hero and bring him promotions and the Legion d'Honneur, Europe's highest award.

The aftermath of Vietnam will nonetheless be troubled, with the main character ending up on trial as a result of an attempt to ruin his reputation, from which he will nonetheless come out clean. In the months after the trial, he will begin his political engagement, and after obtaining a promotion be placed in command of the 1st Japanese Infantry Regiment, a special forces unit, entirely made of Japanese immigrants but commanded by European officers, including his girlfriend, Leila Malcal. It will be here where he will also meet with Akito Hyuga, Yukiya Naruse and Ayano Kosaka, with whom he will develop an unbreakable bond, which will last through the whole story. Still during this time, with tensions between the European United Republics and the Holy Britannian Empire rising, he will manage to integrate the European delegation going to meet the Britannian and Euro Britannian delegates to find a peaceful solution. This will be his occasion to meet again, after many years but for the last time, Princess Euphemia li Britannia, Duchess of Vancouver.