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Code Geass: The Twin Demons is the first FanFiction by RaiZero that has been rebooted three times and was first published on January 20th, 2011 and was finally completed on June 4th, 2013. It is the first in a series of FanFictions following an AU Code Geass timeline.


Set during and after the Black Rebellion, two unknown people assist the Black Knights in not only defeating and repelling the Britannian forces, but also add on to the immense strength of the Black Knights as they prepare to go down a long road of hardships to develop an independent nation. However, they must face harsh battles, betrayals, and their dark histories in order to get one step closer to their dream of a free Japan.


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  • The original Twin Demons storyline involved a second invasion of Japan by the Chinese Federation, an assault on a colony of Britannia (New Zealand), and even the betrayal of the Black Knights by Lucian himself.
  • The second Twin Demons storyline had involved the capture of an experimental floating battleship (Caerleon Class) as well as the capture and unmasking of Lelouch by Schneizel el Britannia.
  • Lucian's original name was actually Luis, which was later changed for badass reasons.