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Welcome to the Code Geass Fanon Wiki.
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Featured Fanfiction

Code Geass Megiddo Eng

Code Geass Megiddo is a fanfiction series written by Wing Zero Alpha on, based upon the Japanese anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion created by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi. It was created on April 14, 2009, as an Alternate Universe series that diverges from canon after the Black Rebellion. Read More»

Featured Character

Kanji Kyoshigaki

Kanji Kyōshigaki (京シガキ漢字, Kyō shigaki Kanji), with the the Britannian name of Kenjie Monaco (モナコケンジ, Monako Kenji), 17 years old (18 at R2) is a young man with darkish pink hair and light blue eyes. He is rather tall, being slightly shorter than Suzaku. Like most characters in the series, he also is rather skinny, belying his extreme physical prowess. In the first season, he is mostly seen as a shy, calm and relaxed person. However, after the death of his parents from the hands of Princess Euphemia, his eyes are mostly seen to be always focused and always processing (stated by Suzaku) and has a mouth that is typically straight, that completely lost its expression after losing his parents(stated by Shirley), this is due to his depression, showing the impact of the death of his parents to him and with him questioning the ways of Britannia. Read More»

Featured Knightmare


The AVF-00 Voulge is a Black Knight prototype seventh generation knightmare frame and the personal knightmare of Feite Avalon during the events of R1 Lost Colors.


The frame is significantly larger than most Knightmare Frames of its class. The size of the frame is nearly twice that of the Z-01 Lancelot, but due to technological marvels it stands to be a step in the right direction for future Knightmare Frame production. The armor was traditionally white with gray highlights prior to it being rolled out for use with the Black Knights.

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