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CC and Lelouch: With You from Code Geas

Timeline altered: Avalon from Code Geas

"Opening": Viva la Vida by Cold Play

CC awakens alone: Crooked Diaries from Code Geass

Lelouch's memories are sealed:Overwriting from Code Geass

Sons of the Empire[]

Chris and Amy: Companions from Naruto Shippudden

Terrorists: Shin Troop from Code Geass

The Hunt: Jinchuuriki from Naruto Shippudden

Phone call: Creep from Final Fantasy X

Race against time, playing in the club/overlapping to chris's scenes: Telephone by Lady Gaga

"Opening" begins just as explosion fades: Extreme Ways by Moby

The Emperor's announcement: All Hail Britannia!!! from Code Geass

Lelouch emerges as Prince: Beautiful Emperor from Code Geass

Lelouch rises through the ranks: Noblesse Oblige from Code Geass

Pain and Solitude[]

Chris awakens in the hospital: Innocent Days from Code Geass

Amy's funeral: Loneliness from Naruto Shippudden

"Opening": Innocent Sorrow from D.Gray-Man

Chris's life falls apart: Tragic from Naruto Shippudden

Chris brings humself back, Investigating: Lack of Power for Wisdom from Code Geass

Revisiting the bomb site: Scene of a Disaster from Naruto Shippuden

Britannia's betrayal?: Dark Clouds from Naruto Shippuden

Chris learns the truth: Pessimistic Time from Code Geass

Chris joins the Black Knights: Confronting from Naruto Shippudden

Black and Red[]

Lelouch's forces decimate Arab forces: Misconduct from Code Geass

"Opening": Innocent Sorrow from D.Gray-Man

Gawain vs. Şyād: Final Catastrophe from Code Geass

Chance encounter: Strangeness from Naruto Shippuden

Memories from nowhere: Tension from Gundam 00

Shadows of the Past[]

"Opening": Innocent Sorrow from D.Gray-Man

Chris saves the Black Knights: Nightmare from Code Geass

Phoenix battles Lancelot: Anger from Naruto Shippudden

CC encouters Lelouch: Eleven from Code Geass

Zero's Return[]

"Opening": Ash Like Snow from Gundam 00

The Black Knights attack: Black Knights from Code Geass

Zero reappears and rallies the Black Knights: Zero from Ace Combat Zero

Lelouch vs. Zero[]

Fighting Myself: Checkmate from Code Geass

"Opening": Ash Like Snow from Gundam 00

Phoenix vs. Lancelot: Deeply Fast from Code Geass

Lelouch simulates wins and losses: Ghosts of Razgriz from Ace Combat 5

Britannia's so-called victory, Injured Morale: Pessimistic Time from Code Geass

Save Zero![]

Schnizel orders the execution, the trap is set: Bad Illusion from Code Geass

"Opening": Ash Like Snow from Gundam 00

Launching an emergency rescue: Pein's theme from Naruto Shippuden

Black Knights attack, the Brittannian trap is utilized: Siegfried from Code Geass

Phoenix vs. Lancelot: Kakuzu from Naruto Shippuden

Guren vs Lancelot, Guren is defeated: Grand Fleet from Code Geass

Chris vs. Suzaku sword fight on board the Baltimore, the Baltimore's float units are destroyed: Lightning Speed from Naruto Shippuden

Lelouch runs to the hanger and escapes on the Gawain while Chris fights Suzaku: Departure To The Front Lines from Naruto Shippuden

Lelouch commands the Black Knights, Kallen back in the fight: Shippuden from Naruto Shippuden

Chris escapes the Baltimore: Kokuten from Naruto Shippuden

Battle of the Rhineland[]

Britannia attacks the EU: Area 11 from Code Geass

Zero's appearance, tides are turned: Outside Road from Code Geass

"Opening": Ash Like Snow from Gundam 00

Britannia's counterattack: Showdown from Code Geass

Checkmate: State of Emergency from Code Geass

The United Federation of Nations[]

"Opening": Ash Like Snow from Gundam 00

Zero Unmasked[]

"Opening": Ash Like Snow from Gundam 00 Zero is Lelouch:


"Opening": Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Tohdoh vs. Suzaku: Beni Soubi from Naruto Shippudden

Gino and Anya question their loyalty: Samidare from Naruto Shippudden

Different Past[]

"Opening": Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Euphemia: Ochihabune from Naruto Shippudden

The Betrayal[]

"Opening": Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Da

Battle in the Chinese Federation: Flameheart by Two Steps from Hell

Guren vs Shen Hu: Rogue from Naruto Shippudden

Mao's Return[]

"Opening": Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Mao: Dark Activity from Code Geass

The Geass Squad: League of Darkness by Audiomachine

Horrifying Memories: Maisou from Naruto Shippudden

Desperate Movements, CC held hostage: Death Work from Code Geass

Chris's geass awakens: Prometheus Rising by Trailerhead

Unpredictable, Chris's Geass Unleashed: Kakuzu from Naruto Shippudden

Phoenix Reborn[]

"Opening": Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Chris meets Rachael: Sub-chairman from Code Geass

Kai, the mysterious...and odd prodigy of Lloyd: I can't do it from Code Geass

In the background during Chris phone call with Lelouch, "Is that dance music? Where are you?!": Evacute the Dance Floor by Cascada

Chris and Rachael as episode fades out: Dynamite by Taio Cruz

Redemption for the King[]

Chris sneaks back onto base: Stray Cat from Code Geass

"Opening": Paper Moon by Tommy Heavenly6

'Clearing Euphie's name: Generations by Trailerhead

Suzaku makes a choice: Senya from Naruto Shippudden

Pacific Rescue Mission[]

"Opening": Paper Moon by Tommy Heavenly

The Four Holy Swords: Rinkai from Naruto Shippudden

Chris vs. Bismark, Something to fight for: Nankou Furaku from Naruto Shippudden

Knights of the Rounds: Himoji from Naruto Shippudden

All-out War: 11 Days in Hell by Audio Machine

Attack on the Geass Directorate[]

"Opening":Paper Moon by Tommy Heavenly6

Black Knights attack, Elite Guard: Spiritus Omnia by Trailerhead

Suzaku vs Rolo: Kokuten from Naruto Shippudden

VV and the Siegfried: Siegfried from Code Geass

Siegfried vs Black Knights: Himoji from Naruto Shippudden

Chris and Mao[]

"Opening": Paper Moon by Tommy Heavenly6

Red Snow[]

"Opening": I'm Gonna SCREAM by Tommy Heavenly6

Attack: Imperitum by Trailerhead

Black Knights take the beach: Europa by Globus

Targeting the Heart[]

Chris and Rachael: Shirotsumekusa from Naruto Shippudden

"Opening": I'm Gonna SCREAM by Tommy Heavenly6

Rachael's family is killed: Maisou from Naruto Shippudden

Chris's vow: Occupied Thinking from Code Geass

Lelouch's challenge:

The Ultimate Miracle[]

"Opening": I'm Gonna SCREAM by Tommy Heavenly6

Black Knights prepare for battle: Onward to Freedom by Trailerhead

The Miracle: Emoyrean Mercenaries by Trailerhead

Britannia brought to its knees: Guardians at the Gate by Audio Machine

Father and Son[]

"Opening": I'm Gonna SCREAM by Tommy Heavenly6 The Ragnarok Connection: Yogensha from Naruto Shippudden

Chris and Lelouch enter the thought elevator and take down Geass squad: An Epic Age by Trailerhead

The Battle for Mankind[]

Chris vs Mao, Geass faceoff: Narukami from Naruto Shippudden

"Opening": I'm Gonna SCREAM by Tommy Heavenly6

Chris is defeated: Neo Zeon from Gundam: Char's Counter Attack

Lelouch appears: Pein's theme from Naruto Shippuden

Lelouch vs Mao, Geass showdown on Akasha: Decisive Battle from Naruto Shippudden

Lelouch and Charles's debate: Yogensha from Naruto Shippudden


Ragnarok Unleashed: Decent Into Madness by Nox Arcana

Lelouch's Intervention: Pein's theme from Naruto Shippuden

Freewill: Across the World by X-Ray Dog

Lelouch kills Charles: The Reluctant Warrior by Trailerhead

The Duel Code, Schnizel's move, Lelouch returns to Earth: Lacrimosa Dominae by Trailerhead

A World Divided[]

The Two Britannias: Clash of Empires by Two Steps from Hell

Power of the Fleija[]

Schnizel's Strike: Aura from Code Geass

White and Black Kings[]

Checkmate, Lelouch's Fleija: The Master from Code Geass

Schnizel's Pact

Battle over Siberia[]

Lelouch's Britannia vs Schnizel's Britannia: Trial of an Archangel by Trailerhead

Arkham Arrives: Cthulhu Rising by Nox Arcana

Arkham's attack: Kouen from Naruto Shippudden

Gateway to Hell: Epic Fire by Brand X Music

Unholy Intervention[]

Schnizel's Horrors Unleashed: Hidan from Naruto Shippudden

Lelouch's vow: God's Will from Naruto Shippudden

The Black Knights stand ready, Battle for Earth begins: Fides En Lucius Dei by Trailerhead

Final Battle[]

Forces of Good and Evil, Lelouch and the World vs Schnizel and Hell: Shield of Faith by Trailerhead

Lelouch confronts Schnizel: Prelude to Paradise by Trailerhead

God vs Demon: Thunderdome by Audio Machine

The Gateway Opens: The Shadow King by Audio Machine

Battlefield Hell: Hell's Battalion by Audio Machine

Schnizel and Lelouch clash: Ad Suprema by Audio Machine

Chris and Kai fight the Scourge Army: Battle of Actium by Audio Machine

Schnizel victorious: Red Warrior by Audio Machine

Lelouch stands back up: Rising of the Ashes by Audio Machine

Final Clash: Death Mask by Audio Machine

Lelouch's choice: Legions of Doom by Audio Machine

For the world, Lelouch's Sacrifice: Hero's Journey by Audio Machine

Schnizel dead, Conflict over, World Unity, CC's cries: Final Hope by Audio Machine

Lelouch is alive, Somebody up there: Continued Story from Code Geass

The New World, ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!: New World by Audio Machine