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The Die is Cast

"Humanity has traversed through the sands of time, leaving footprints too numerous to count. Yet, in their quest for dominion, they have often lost sight of the essence of the gifts bestowed upon them.

- Unknown

Cover Art by SkyGiratina.

Code Geass Liar's Dice is a FanFic set in the 90's Code Geass Timeline, and is being written by DeadlyViperQuill writing duo, that is Blackmambauk (who now writes under the DeadlyViperQuill name) and Makarov.

Also available to read on DeadlyViperQuill's Deviant Art gallery here, which includes art commissions and collaborations that detail characters, scenes and more here. Along with being on Archives of Our Own here.

It takes place in the 90’s and serves as a prequel in general to Code Geass, but also to the currently on hiatus fic Code Geass Colored Memories. That started off as a side fic to Code Geass: Colorless Memories. But now spun off into it's own continuity and fic series.


A tale of players playing many games, hoping that the roll of the dice favours them, they navigate a sea of intrigue, deception, and plays for power, love, change and more that threaten to unravel them at any moment. Prequel series set in the 90's Code Geass timeline but with divergences.

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