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The cover of the Novel Code Geass Re:Zero.

「Code Geass Re:Zero」 is an ongoing fanfiction webnovel taking place in an alternate reality where a character named Tim Graham takes on the Role of Zakku, an orphan without a surname or clan. He goes on to befriend Suzaku at a young age and later Nunnally and Lelouch prior to the invasion of Japan and meets with C.C briefly early on.

With his foreknowledge of the future, he manipulates the world from behind the scenes and acquires a near limitless Geass of Authority he dubs the Emperor's Will. His goal is to restore the Japanese Empire by using Lelouch to do so, all while trying to save the world.

The story picks up around the same time as the Code Geass Anime. Tim Graham as Zakku, takes on the name of Zach Graham and ultimately replaces Rivalz on the Ashford Academy's High School's Student Council. It is assumed that Rivalz had joined another club, or has taken up more hours at work as a bartender.



Warning Spoilers ahead:

  • Lelouch gains a different Geas.
  • Rivalz isn't on the Student Council.
  • C.C.'s true name in this continuity is Cera.
  • Nunnally's blindness is cured by Graham's Geass early on.
  • Nunnally joins Graham's plot to grant Independence to Japan.
  • Graham unmasks Suzaku, Lelouch and Nunnally to the Student Council.
  • Graham forces Mao to consciously commit Suicide.
  • Graham steals V.V.'s Code instead of Charles zi Britannia.
  • Graham assassinates the Japanese Government in Exile in Beijing, China.
  • Gao Hai is the only surviving member of the High Eunuchs.
  • Gao is brainwashed by Graham to believe Zero is needed to secure Tianzi's position.

Averted/Changed Events[]

  • Massacre Princess event Averted
  • Battle of Fukuoka Base Averted
  • Gao Hai's Execution Averted
  • Tianzi's Arranged Marriage Event is Averted
  • Zero Requiem event Averted

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