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Code Prime is a fanfiction series written by Iron117Prime, which began with Code Prime R1: Rebellion. R1 began on December 20, 2018 and ended on November 22, 2020. The sequel, Code Prime R2: Revolution, began on January 15, 2021, and concluded on October 3, 2023. R3 is currently in the works and will be released at a later date, titled Code Prime R3: Resurrection.

The series is a crossover between Code Geass and the Transformers franchise. For the Transformers portion, the series is primarily centered around the Aligned continuity (Prime, RID (2015 Version), etc.) but features elements and characters from across other media in the franchise, In addition, Akito the Exiled, Oz of the Reflection, and Nightmare of Nunnally are featured in the crossover as well from the Code Geass side of things. Also, elements of Lelouch of the Resurrection are present.


Cybertron, homeworld of the Cybertronians, a race of intelligent transforming mechanical beings, is dying due to the civil war waged between the heroic Autobots, led by the strong yet gentle Optimus Prime, and the villainous Decepticons led by the tyrannical Megatron. During the tail end of the war, as the Autobots struggle to make it to another world in search of Energon, both factions wage another battle from both the Ark and the Nemesis, the warships of their respective factions. Optimus and Megatron face off, before both the Ark and the Nemesis, along with the two, are sucked into a portal generated by the Spacebridge.

As both factions land on Earth, they're engulfed into the ensuing conflict that the world is currently under. The Autobots, located in the deteriorated Ark, crash-land into the Pacific Ocean not too far from Japan, while the Decepticons, situated in the more derelict Nemesis, collide with the Earth's moon. While the Autobots haven't made contact with any human prior to the story, the Decepticons, particularly Megatron, have made their first human contacts in Charles zi Britannia and V.V, two prominent figures in the Holy Britannian Empire. Megatron mentored Charles and engineered his rise to power, ultimately submitting Britannia into a part of the Decepticon cause. This causes the Decepticons to have indirect control over the planet, while the Autobots are wary that if they intervene against Britannia, then the world would only plunge into deeper chaos.

The year is now 2017 a.t.b. In the conquered nation of Area 11, formally known as Japan, Lelouch vi Britannia, the exiled prince of the Holy Britannian Empire, is caught in the middle between a group of terrorists and the Britannian Military. After meeting a strange woman, Lelouch is then given the power to make anyone he looks at obey him without question. As Lelouch begins his crusade against his father, the Britannian Emperor, he soon realizes that he has taken his first steps into a bigger conflict than anyone can imagine, as he and so many others aides a great hero in the fight against a monster more terrifying than they could ever dream of.



Autobots Decepticons Black Knights Holy Britannian Empire Other Characters
Main Cast
  • Optimus Prime
  • Bumblebee
  • Ironhide
  • Bulkhead
  • Ratchet
  • Arcee
  • Ciffjumper †
  • Wheeljack
  • Fixit


  • Tailgate †
Main Cast
  • Megatron †
  • Starscream †
  • Soundwave †
    • Ravage †
    • Laserbeak †
    • Rumble †
    • Frenzy †
  • Thundercracker (Joins A/BK)
  • Skywarp †
  • Knock Out (Joins A/BK)
  • Breakdown †
  • Dreadwing (Joins A/BK)
  • Airachnid †
  • Shockwave †


  • Hardshell †
  • Kickback †


  • Skyquake †
  • Makeshift †
  • Vehicon Units
Main Cast

Four Holy Swords

  • Nagisa Chiba
  • Shogo Asahina †
  • Kosetsu Urabe †
  • Ryoga Senba †

Kozuki Resistance Cell

  • Naomi Inoue †
  • Yoshitaka MInami †
  • Kento Sugiyama †
  • Toru Yoshida †


  • Rakshata Chawla
  • Diethard Ried
  • Tatewaki Katase
  • Taizo Kirihara
Britannian Imperial Family
  • Charles zi Britannia †
  • V.V./Victor zi Britannia (Joins D)
  • Marianne vi Britannia (Joins D then A/BK)
  • Schneizel el Britannia (Joins D)
  • Cornelia li Britannia (Joins A/BK)
  • Euphemia li Britannia (Joins A/BK)
  • Clovis la Britannia †
  • Odysseus eu Britannia
  • Guinevere de Britannia †
  • Carine ne Britannia
  • Laila la Britannia
  • Marrybell mel Britannia


  • Jeremiah Gottwald (Joins A/BK)
  • Viletta Nu/Chigusa (Joins A/BK)
  • Kewell Soresi †

Camelot Engineering (Joins A/BK)

Glaston Knights

  • Andreas Darlton †
  • Gilbert Guilford (Joins A/BK)
  • Albert Darlton †
  • Bart Darlton †
  • Claudio Darlton †
  • David Darlton †
  • Edgar Darlton †

Knights of the Round

  • Bismarck Waldstein †
  • Beatrice Franks †
  • Gino Weinberg (Joins D then A/BK)
  • Anya Alstreim (Joins D then A/BK)
  • Monica Kruczewski (Joins A/BK)
  • Nonette Enneagram (Joins A/BK)
  • Luciano Bradley †
  • Dorothea Ernst †

Geass Order

  • Bartley Aspirius †
  • Joseph Fenette (Joins A/BK)


  • Kanon Maldini (Joins D)
Ashford Academy (Joins A/BK)
  • Milly Ashford
  • Rivalz Cardemonde
  • Nina Einstein
  • Arthur
  • Nunnally vi Britannia
  • Sayoko Shinozaki


  • Mao †
  • Akari Kozuki
  • Josui Kusakabe †
  • Atsushi Sawazaki †
  • General Tsao
  • Genbu Kururugi †
  • Takeshi Nagata †
  • Primus
  • Unicron

Thirteen Primes

  • Prima †
  • Vector Prime †
  • Alpha Trion †
  • Solus Prime †
  • MIcronus Prime †
  • Alchemist Prime †
  • Nexus Prime †
  • Onyx Prime †
  • Amalgamous Prime †
  • Quintus Prime †
  • Liege Maximo †
  • The Fallen / Megatronus

R2 (New Characters)[]

Autobots Decepticons Black Knights Holy Britannia Empire European Union Chinese Federation Others
Elite Guard
  • Ultra Magnus
  • Smokescreen
  • Jazz
    • Undertone
  • Strongarm
  • Prowl †

Zero Squad

  • Sideswipe
  • Elita-One


  • Grindcore
  • Hotshot †
  • Chromia †
  • Warpath

Black Dragon

  • Drift
    • Jetstorm
    • Safeguard


  • Silverbolt †
  • Jetfire
  • Windblade
  • Air Raid †


  • Grimlock
  • Swoop
  • Sludge
  • Snarl
  • Slug

Research & Development Branch

  • Preceptor

Intelligence, Espionage, & Public Relations

  • T-AI


  • Omega Supreme
Constructicons †
  • Mixmaster †
  • Scrapper †
  • Hook †
  • Long Haul †
  • Bonecrusher †
  • Scavenger †
  • Devastator †

Combaticons †

  • Onslaught †
  • Brawl †
  • Swindle †
  • Vortex †
  • Blast Off †
  • Bruticus †


  • Slipstream

Squadron X †

  • Barricade †
  • Black Out †
  • Blitzwing †
  • Lugnut †
  • Headlock †
  • Demolishor †
  • Overload †
  • Quake †
  • Groundpounder †


  • Glowstrike †
  • Scorponok †
  • Saberhorn †

The Pack

  • Steeljaw
  • Thunderhoof †
  • Sky-Byte (Joins A/BK)
  • Quillfire †
  • Fracture †
    • Airazor
    • Divebomb
  • Underbite †


  • Springload †
  • Nemesis Prime/V.V †
  • Driller †
  • Steve (Joins A/BK)


  • Predaking
Zero Squad
  • Orpheus Zevon


  • Wizard †

Black Dragon

  • Zi Dien †

Intelligence, Espionage, & Public Relations

  • Miss X

Research & Development Branch

  • Ganabati
Britannian Imperial Family
  • Anticlea eu Britannia †
  • Victoria li Britannia †
  • Castor rui Britannia †
  • Pollux rui Britannia †
  • Euliya mel Britannia †


  • Alicia Lohmeyer †
  • Duke Calares †

Geass Order

  • Colonel Madd †
  • Doctor Arkeville
  • Alice (Joins A/BK)
  • Dalque (Joins A/BK)
  • Sancia (Joins A/BK)
  • Lucretia (Joins A/BK)
  • Rolo †
  • Claira †

Glinda Knights (Joins A/BK)

  • Oldrin Zevon
  • Tink Lockhart †
  • Leonhardt Steiner †
  • Marika Soresi †
  • Sokkia Sherpa
  • Toto Thompson
  • Johann Schwarzer †


  • Augusta Henry Highland/Grand Duke Velaines (Joins A/BK)
  • Shin Hyuga Shang (Joins D)
  • Jean Rowe (Joins A/BK)
  • Ashley Asura (Joins A/BK)
  • Michele Manfredi †
  • Andrea Farnese †
  • Gaudefroy du Villon
  • Raymond du Saint-Gilles
W-0 (Wyvern Unit) (Joins A/BK)
  • Akito Hyuga
  • Leila Malcal
  • Ryo Sayama
  • Yukiya Naruse
  • Ayano Kosaka
  • Anna Clement
  • Sophie Randle
  • Claus Warwick
  • Oscar Hammel †
  • Joe Wise
  • Sarah Danes
  • Olivia Reuel
  • Hilda Fagan
  • Chloe Winkel
  • Ferili Baltrow
  • Kate Novak

Leadership (Joins A/BK)

  • Gene Smilas †
Soldiers (Joins A/BK)
  • Li Xingke
  • Zhou Xianglin
  • Hong Gu †

Leadership (Joins A/BK)

  • Tianzi
  • High Eunuchs †
Ancient Geass Civilization
  • The Skull/ Beleth †
  • Saturnus †
  • Yehowah †

Supreme Beings

  • Caretaker of Space Time †

Kingdom of Zilkhistan

  • Shalio
  • Shamna
  • Bolvona Forgnar


Opening and Ending Themes[]



Character/Organization Themes:[]





As the fanfic is a fusion between both Code Geass and Transformers (particularly Transformers: Prime), several plots from both have been combined to form a bigger story. In particular, plots from the Prime animated series are imported into the context of the original canon, while the events of Code Geass are altered to factor in the appearance of the Transformers. However, by the end of R1, the Decepticons decimate Pendragon, and, by R2, the Britannian Empire itself. As such, very little of the original R2 will be adapted into Revolution.


Code Prime Chapter Code Geass episode Transformers: Prime episode Comments
Prologue Continuity segments:
  • The beginning is taken from both the first and last missions of the 2010 video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: The Exodus and Till All Are One, respectively.
Awakening The Day a New Demon Was Born Changes from Code Geass
  • When Lelouch begins to see visions when he gains the power of Geass, he also sees more images. One such is of Primus and Unicron doing battle.
Roll Out! The White Knight Awakens Changes from Code Geass
  • Bumblebee is the one to save the falling mother and child, not Suzaku.
Robots and Students In Disguise The False Classmate Changes from Code Geass
  • Lelouch doesn't use a Geassed Sayoko playing a recording to throw off Kallen. Instead, he uses Bumblebee with a recording of his voice.

Changes from Transformers Prime

  • The humans are given a translator so they can understand Bumblebee when he speaks, as opposed to only one of the humans understanding him.
Their Names are Zero and Optimus Prime HIs Name is Zero Changes from Code Geass
  • Zero doesn't use a capsule that's assumed to be full of poison gas to fool the Purebloods. Instead, he calls upon the Autobots themselves to deal with them.
  • The Autobots help design Zero's suit.
  • Zero firsts greets the Kozuki Resistance cell not aboard a train, but within a back alley where he also shows them the Autobots.
Diverging and Intersecting Paths The Princess and the Witch Changes from Code Geass
  • Instead of C.C. showing up at Ashford and breaking up Lelouch and Kallen's conversation, it’s Rai who appears.
Stolen Mask The Stolen Mask Changes from Code Geass
  • Lelouch learns Suzaku is the pilot of the Lancelot much earlier than he did in canon.
  • Rai helps Suzaku catch Lelouch before he falls.
Duel of Steel Attack Cornelia Changes from Code Geass
  • Despite Lelouch's resistance retreating, Cornelia loses against the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, marking her first loss.
  • The Autobots use a Groundbridge to evacuate the Saitama Ghetto before Cornelia launches her attack, saving the citizens and resistance group in the area.
Knights of Justice and Freedom The Black Knights Changes from Code Geass
  • Lelouch answers the phone when Rivalz calls him.
  • Rai is the one about to be shot by the JLF and Euphemia reveals herself to save him instead of Nina, though she still gains the girl's admiration.
  • The Decepticons reveal the location of the summit.
Reflections Refrain Changes from Code Geass
  • Lelouch uses his Geass to give Kallen and her mother a home in the Settlement as opposed to doing nothing.
  • Rai shows up to help Lelouch and Kallen with the hot dog vendor.
  • Kallen doesn't slap Lelouch after they help the hotdog vendor.
Scrapheap Scrapheap Changes from Transformers: Prime
  • Lelouch is the one to be the bait for the Scraplets instead of Bulkhead, which earns him the trust of the Black Knights and the rest of the Autobots.
  • Since Cliffjumper is still alive, he joins Optimus and Acree in their mission to the Arctic.
Predatory Predatory Changes from Transformers Prime
  • This episode comes earlier than the two below, whereas this takes place after those two in the original series.
  • Arcee's human partner, Kallen, actually does battle against Airachnid.
Geass Ex Machina Deus Ex Machina Changes from Transformers: Prime
  • One of the Autobots human companions isn't arrested by the museum security guard, mainly because Lelouch uses his Geass to make them not pay attention.
  • Starscream loses his arm in this chapter, earlier than he did in canon.
  • Rai destroys the Energon Harvester instead of Bulkhead.
Con Job Con Job Changes from Transformers: Prime
  • Since Megatron is still alive at this point, Wheeljack ends up fighting him.
  • Instead of a silhouette, Makeshift's true form is revealed.
  • Wheeljack ends up staying with the team after he is introduced.
Dance of Metal and Fire Guren Dances Changes from Code Geass
  • This time, it's Rai in his Gekka that causes the landslide instead of Kallen in the Guren.
  • Wheeljack is the one who comes up with the landslide idea instead of Lelouch.
  • Due to Optimus warning the JLF before the battle, their forces aren't caught up in the landslide.
  • The Autobots manage to falsify a city-wide evacuation coming from the Viceroy to spare the civilians on the ground, including Shirley's Father.
  • The Glaston Knights are introduced in this chapter, wherein they were introduced during the tail end of the original series's' first season.
  • Zero doesn't give an ultimatum to the Black Knights that force them to rely on him to survive, instead Ohgi, Kallen, and Rai convince the doubting Black Knights to have faith in Zero and the Autobots.
Battle for Narita Battle for Narita Changes from Code Geass
  • Lelouch reveals his identity to Kallen.
  • C.C.'s real name is revealed: Cera.
  • The Battle fails not because Kallen's Guren malfunctions but because the Decepticons intervene.
  • Shirley's father survives, but he, along with other Code R scientists and Jeremiah, are captured by the Decepticons,

Changes from Transformers Prime

  • Shockwave returns to the Decepticons much sooner than he did in canon.
Messenger from Kyoto The Messenger from Kyoto Changes from Code Geass
  • Kaguya is with Kirihara when the Black Knights meet with Kyoto.
  • Lelouch ends up showing his face to both Ohgi and Tamaki during the meeting, along with Kaguya since she is present as well.
  • C.C. is absent from the meeting.
What is Justice? Shirley at Gunpoint Changes from Code Geass
  • The JLF are rescued by the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance, then join them instead of Lelouch just killing them.
  • Bumblebee is the one to shoot Villetta and save Lelouch instead of Shirley.
  • Kallen and Rai learn that Suzaku is the pilot of the Lancelot earlier than in canon.
What is Evil? Geass vs Geass Changes from Code Geass
  • Lelouch doesn't wipe away Shirley's memories of him with his Geass. Instead, he reveals everything to her and she ends up meeting the Autobots.
  • Mao doesn't attempt to manipulate Shirley into killing Lelouch, cause he knows she loves him too much.
  • Villetta is found by both Ohgi and Tamaki with Ratchet and is brought to the Ark for treatment, rather than being found and kept hidden by Ohgi.
Cheering Mao Cheering Mao Changes from Code Geass
  • Shirley, who now has full understanding of the conflict that's happening, decides to join the Black Knights.
  • C.C. reveals that Charles has a Geass and the existence of V.V., Lelouch's uncle.
  • Most of the Knights of the Round are introduced a season sooner than they are in canon.
United We Stand Metal Attraction Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • The human allies help the Autobots acquire the Polarity Gauntlet.
Divided We Fall Partners

Changes from Transformers Prime:

  • Since Cliffjumper is alive so far, Starscream tricks Arcee and Kallen by acting pathetic, which works.
  • Starscream doesn't desert the Decepticons at the end of the chapter.
Nunnally Held Hostage Nunnally Held Hostage Changes from Code Geass
  • Shirley and Rai join in on the attempt to rescue Nunnally.
  • Mao has a Knightmare and uses it to try and kill Lelouch and his friends, but Arcee and Cliffjumper arrive to stop him.
  • Instead of using his own Geass to whip Lelouch's memories of his plan, Rai uses his own.
  • Mao doesn't die but rather retreats to the Nemesis where Megatron hands him over to Shockwave for experimentation.
TMI TMI Changes from Transformers: Prime
  • Shirley doesn't step onto the battlefield for excitement like Miko did, she does so because she wants to help.
Stronger, Faster, Deadlier! Stronger, Faster Changes from Transformers: Prime
  • Due to Cliffjumper still being alive, Ratchet provokes Kallen and Lelouch instead of Arcee by mentioning Naoto's death to the former and triggering the latter into reflexively activating his Geass.
  • It has an original side story that focuses on Megatron discovering Dark Energon on Earth.
Knights and Miracle Workers
  • Knight
Changes from Code Geass
  • Kyoshiro Tohdoh's rescue mission takes precedence here as its own chapter.
  • The reason the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance actually retreat is because of reinforcements from Britannia, not because Lelouch was too shocked by Suzaku's reveal as the pilot of the Lancelot since he already knew of it beforehand.
Tropical Skirmish
  • I Order You, Suzaki Kururugi
Changes from Code Geass
  • Kallen doesn't attempt to kill Suzaku for Lelouch, cause she knows he doesn't want that.
  • Lelouch reveals his true identity as a former prince of Britannia to the Black Knight's leadership.
Island of Gods and Monsters The Island of Gods Changes from Code Geass
  • Includes a whole scene before Zero steps onto the Geass trap where the group fights off a group of Insecticons led by Kickback.
  • V.V. is captured by Megatron and experimented on by Shockwave, causing Megatron to learn the full extent of the Ragnarok plan.
  • Optimus destroys the Thought Elevator, endangering Charles and V.V.'s Ragnorak plan.
The Patch Paradox This is an original chapter. Though Lelouch does willingly reveal his identity as Zero to Nunnally, something he never did in Canon.
Battle at Kyushu Battle for Kyushu Changes from Code Geass
  • The Knights of the Round participate in the battle due to them being in Area 11.
  • Lelouch and Euphemia have a talk over the phone where he shares with her about Geass and Clovis' deeds.
  • Ohgi is Lelouch's co-pilot in the Gawain in the battle in place of C.C., since she is currently watching over Nunnally.
School Festival Declaration Declaration at the School Festival Changes from Code Geass
  • It is revealed that Schneizel learned of Lelouch's identity as Zero much sooner than in Canon.
  • The rest of the Knights of the Round are introduced sooner than in Canon.
  • Schneizel secretly defects from Britannia and joins the Decepticons.
  • Monica is the one who outs Euphemia's presence at the school festival instead of Shirley.
  • Milly reveals she learned of Lelouch's identity as Zero, something she never hinted at in Canon.

Continuity Segments

  • Megatron now has a Dark Geass that can instill lethal amounts of pure fear in anyone he looks at.
Facade of Blood
  • Bloodstained Euphie
  • At Least With Sorrow (first half)
Changes from Code Geass
  • The SAZ happens differently:
    • Prior to the actual opening, Airachnid kidnaps Euphemia and brings her to a cave on Kamine island where the Insecticon hive is kept.
    • Soundwave crafts a Pretender drone in Euphemia's likeness using Makeshift's technology while also having it voiced by Megatron.
    • The night before ceremony, Lelouch tries to contact Euphemia for Nunnally, but received no response, leading him to be suspicious.
    • During the ceremony proper, a suspicious Lelouch takes the fake Euphemia to the G1 base. He tries to use his Geass, but fails due to the Pretender's energy output. The Pretender slams Lelouch before heading out to start the massacre.
    • The real Euphemia (aside from living through the events) is forced to watch, rather than being completely unaware.
    • Suzaku and Dreadwing defect to the Black Knights.
    • Lelouch doesn't lose control of his Geass.
  • Lelouch and Nunnally, along with Rai and Sayoko, leave Ashford Academy for good, the reason being that Lelouch believes it isn't safe for Nunnally anymore.
  • Ohgi tells Chigusa everything, including his status as a Black Knight and her past. She then decides to join the Black Knights as a way to make up for her crimes.
Setting the Stage
  • At Least with Sorrow (second half)
  • The Collapsing Stage
  • Due to the changes in the following chapter, "Zero" is no longer properly adapted and the story divulges from the original Code Geass canon.
Changes from Code Geass
  • Cornelia demands a match against Megatron for destroying Euphemia's reputation. Megatron defeats and incapacitates her, before sending her to Airachnid with Euphemia. Because of this, Cornelia no longer partakes in the Black Rebellion (unknown to the Black Knights).
Fall of Britannia Continuity Segments
  • Charles dies much earlier than in Canon.
  • Britannia is conquered, something that never happened in canon.
Rise of the Decepticons Changes from Transformers: Prime
  • Instead of being executed by Starscream, Cliffjumper sacrifices himself to kill Luciano.
  • Instead of being killed by Megatron, Dreadwing sacrifices himself to protect Suzaku and Euphemia from Airachnid and the Insecticons.
  • Rai kills Breakdown instead of Airachnid.
  • Hardshell is obliterated by the nuclear bomb-rigged Ganymede instead of dying to missile blasts from Wheeljack's Jackhammer ship.
Till all are One Continuity Segments
  • Nunnally regains her sight after saving Lelouch from Megatron's Dark Geass.
  • To counter Megatron's Dark Geass, C.C. gives Optimus his own Geass.
  • It's implied that the origins of Geass are connected to Unicron.


Code Prime Chapter Code Geass Episode Transformers Prime/Robots in Disguise (2015) Episode Comments
Renewed Revolution
  • Original Chapter
  • Changes from Code Geass (Though this is an original chapter, it does have some significant changes on the Code Geass side that affect it as a whole)
    • The Shinkiro, Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements, and Lancelot Albion all debut much earlier than in canon, all of them made from Cybertronian protoforms, making them the strongest Knightmares on Earth.
    • Mt. Fuji is destroyed by Lelouch much earlier than in canon. Though its done more as a symbol of their revived revolution than it is a tactic to eliminate enemy forces.
    • The time skip first takes place two weeks after the end of R1, then followed by six months, while in canon it was about a year later.
Measure of Trust
  • Trust Exercise (RID)
  • Operation Bumblebee (Parts 1 and 2) (Prime)
Changes from Transformers Prime and Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015)
  • In Trust Exercise, it was Strongarm and Sideswipe who had trouble trusting each other, here it's Kallen and Suzaku, though more on Kallen's part.
  • Bumblebee's T-Cog isn't removed.
  • Suzaku is the one to take the Spark Extractor from Megatron, not Bumblebee.

Changes from Code Geass

  • It's revealed Suzaku has learned to master the 'Live' command much earlier than he did in canon.
  • Guilford joins the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance.
  • The five Knightmares created from the Cypertronian protoforms are revealed to have the ability to transform, while in canon, it was only the Shinkiro among those five that had the ability.
Nerves of Steel
  • Operation Bumblebee (Part 1) (Prime)
  • Rumble in the Jungle (RID)
Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • The Autobots actually gain possession of the shield generator instead of the Decepticons.
Spark of Darkness Darkness Rising: (Parts 3 and 4) Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • Megatron does battle instead of just overlooking his undead army facing off against the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance.
  • Megatron also calls in more of his forces to deal with the Autobots instead of leaving them to the Terrorcons.
  • Instead of Ratchet going with Optimus, Zero Squad, followed by a majority of the Alliance joins him when they face off against the Terrorcons.
Battle for the Ark Original Chapter
The Next Step The Wyvern Arrives (first segment)
Knights and Wyverns The Wyvern Arrives Changes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled
  • The timeframe of the OVA's backstory and events is adjusted. The events of the OVA happen after the first season, not during it.
  • Rather than just using one Glasgow in their attack on Smilas' convoy, Ryo, Yukiya, and Ayano acquire twenty Sutherlands, nineteen of which are remotely controlled by Yukiya while Ryo pilots one himself.
  • The party scene from the OVA is cut.
To Divide and Unite The Wyvern Divided Changes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled
  • Shin learns that his power is called Geass and that there are others who wield it.
  • The group don't use Apollo's Chariot to arrive on the battlefield, instead, they take a Groundbridge.
Leave of Absence The Brightness Falls (first half)
Brightness Falls The Brightness Falls (second half) Changes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled
  • This time Steeljaw comes up with the plan to shut down the power to cripple the E.U. instead of a brainwashed Lelouch.
  • Shin learns a new ability with his Geass, able to turn them into mindless killing machines, much like Akito, whom he did on accident.
Fires of Rage Memories of Hatred (first half) Changes from Code Geass:
  • Rolo dies to Grimlock's fire breath instead of overusing his Geass like in canon.

Changes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

  • Because Ashley went underground with the Glinda Knights, Marrybell pilots the Ahuramazda on the Gallia Grande, brainwashed by Shin's Geass.
  • Akito is purged of the Geass command that turned him into a mindless killing machine.
Black Bishop's Gambit Memories of Hatred (second half) Changes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled:
  • Shin attempts to use his Geass on Nunnally instead of Leila, though the latter still stops his attempt with her own Geass.
  • Cera manages to seal away Shin's Geass, though temporarily.
  • Smilas doesn't have a chance to enact his plan to take over the E.U., since Lelouch figures out his plans, then Geass' him to serve him.
  • Claus becomes a triple agent, turning on Euro-Britannia when the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance offers to help him with his daughter.
The Origins of Geass Original Chapter
  • While this is an original chapter, it does explain the origins of Geass, something canon Code Geass never truly touched on.
  • The Backstory for the origin of Geass is similiar to the explanation given in the fanfiction Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R-eset, written by SkyRig.
Siege at Castle Weisswolf To Beloved Ones Changes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled
  • Because Ashley is with the Euro-Britannian forces led by Euphemia, Marrybell is the one to pilot the Alexander Red Ogre.
  • Shirley is the one who convinces Jean to stop Shin.
  • Jean survives the battle and is taken to the Ark by Lelouch.
  • Instead of being shot by Jean and slowly bleeding to death, Shin's fate is left in the wind, as he and Steeljaw's team was buried under a collapsing Castle Weisswolf. It is revealed in later chapters that he survives.
  • The Asura Squad and wZERO units don't desert their armies to travel with Gypsies, instead, they continue fighting with the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance.
A Different Kind of Engagement
  • A Bride in the Vermillion Forbidden City (Second Half)
  • When Shen Hu Wins Glory
  • Power of Passion (First Half)
Changes from Code Geass:
  • Schneizel is the one set up to marry Tianzi in place of Odysseus.
  • Since Lelouch and several others are in the E.U. at the time this chapter takes place, several things are different in this chapter, mainly being:
    • Optimus is the one to challenge Schneizel to a chess match. And it is done in an attempt to convey the plan to their inside agents.
    • Grimlock saves Xingke and Tianzi from certain death.
    • Wizard is the one who broadcasts the High Eunuchs' confession to the whole of the Chinese Federation.
    • Kallen is not captured, due to being in the E.U.
    • Due to Tianzi not being kidnapped and threatened by the Black Knights, Xingke doesn't work with the Eunuchs to get her back.
A United Front Facing the Dark Horizon Flying Mind (First Segment) Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • While Megatron's plan to insert Dark Energon into the Nemesis to get it flying again is the same, he also does it as a test run. If it proves successful, he then plans to distribute the Dark Energon to the rest of his fleet, so that he can control it with his will.

Changes from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled:

  • It is revealed that Shin survived the destruction of Castle Weisswolf, although not unscathed as his body was left severely scarred, yet he is still alive, compared to dying in canon.
  • Jean officially switches sides to the Autobot/Black Knight Alliance.
Flying Mind Flying Mind Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • This time Suzaku is the one to initially carry the Spark Extractor instead of Bumblebee.
  • It was never really confirmed if the Dark Energon did awaken Trypticon or not in the series. Here, it is confirmed.
  • It was never revealed why the Nemesis was searching for Iacon relics, here Lelouch and Ratchet theorize Trypticon was looking for a way to restore his ability to transform.
  • Before being taken offline, the Nemesis was able to decrypt 4 sets of coordinates in the series. Here, it manages to decrypt a total of 8 before being taken offline.
  • T-AI does battle against Trypticon's mainframe.
  • The first set of coordinates point to Paris instead of New York.
Tunnel Vision Assassin from the Past (segment only) Tunnel Vision Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • The relic is located in Paris instead of New York.
  • Smokescreen comes along on the mission and uses the Phase Shifter instead of Bumblebee.
  • The train conductor is absent.

Changes from Code Geass:

  • Nunnally is the one to bring Jeremiah over to the Black Knights' side instead of Lelouch due to him being in the Antarctic.
Clash of Ice and Metal Triangulation Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • Since Dreadwing is dead at this point in the story, he isn't part of the Decepticon strike team to retrieve the relic.
  • Since Starscream is still part of the Decepticons at this point, the Decepticons this time acquire the Apex Armor, instead of it belonging solely to Starscream.
  • The Autobots and Decepticons don't join forces to defeat Starscream, rather, the Autobots and Black Knights work together to stop him while the Decepticons stand to the side and observe.

Changes from Code Geass:

  • Suzaku's 'Live' command is removed by Thundercracker's Geass Canceler, something that never happened in canon Code Geass.
Valley of Kings and Titans Original chapter
Broken Walls Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • As Starscream is concurrently in Antarctica, the Combaticons retrieve the sample of Red Energon instead for the Decepticons.

Changes from Code Geass:

  • Zi Dien is killed by Bruticus, unlike in canon where he lives to the end.
  • Urabe sacrifices himself to destroy most of the Red Energon rather than to stop Rolo.
Sword of the Past - Shield of the Present Original chapter
Ghosts Original chapter
Red Triage Triage Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • Instead of being paired with Wheeljack, Ratchet goes with the Crimson Knights to retrieve the Relic.
  • Soundwave summons the Constructicons to aid him, unlike in canon where he didn't summon any back-up for the mission.
Toxic Nemesis Toxicity Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • Instead of going with Ratchet, Wheeljack joins Bulkhead and the rest of the Wreckers in retrieving the Relic.
  • Since Hardshell is dead at this point in the story, Nemesis Prime (operated by V.V.) and Squadron X are sent to obtain the relic, with the former being the one who shoots Bulkhead in the back.
  • Rai is the one who primarily carries the Tox-En to destroy it instead of Bulkhead.
Make them Hurt Hurt Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • Instead of just one Autobot and Human going and seeking revenge, here it's six, including Optimus.
  • Hardshell died by the end of the episode, while Nemesis Prime still lives due to V.V. being immortal.
  • Bulkhead regains consciousness by the end of the chapter while in canon he didn't wake up till about two episodes later.
The Sword in the Stone Legacy Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • The allusion to the Sword in the Stone was never expressed in the episode, here, it's noted multiple times.
  • Optimus doesn't receive a message from Alpha Trion in the Star Saber at the end of the chapter.
  • Lelouch predicts that the Decepticons use a decoy to distract them from the relic.
  • The Star Saber is the last relic in the Iacon Database instead of the Omega Keys.
  • Since he's still injured, Bulkhead doesn't participate in the mission to retrieve the Star Saber.
War on Geass Geass Hunt (First Half) Alpha Omega (First Half) Changes from Code Geass:
  • Instead of a secret operation Lelouch carries out a behind-the-backs of the Black Knights, it's an organized attack by the whole Alliance.
  • Instead of just attacking the Geass Order, the Alliance attacks the other Thought Elevators all over the world.
  • Lelouch and the others learn about Ragnarok much earlier than in canon, and from Cera.
  • Rolo is absent from the assault, due to being dead.
  • It's less of a massacre and more of an assault mixed with a rescue mission.

Changes from Transformers Prime:

  • The limb that Megatron takes from Liege Maximo is green instead of red and he later adds his signature fusion canon.
  • The Autobots learn about the Spacebridge behind Earth's moon due to Hot Shot's spying.
  • It also pointed out that while the Star Saber is powerful, it is very old and able to be broken if met with something of equal power.
  • The Autobots aren't looking for the Omega Keys.
Light and Darkness
  • Geass Hunt (Second Half)
  • The C's World (Segment Only)
Alpha Omega (Second Half) Changes from Code Geass:
  • Cera wasn't convinced to abandon Ragnorak, as she had already long done so.
  • All the Thought Elevators are destroyed.

Changes from Transformers Prime:

  • When Optimus and Megatron battle, the former also wields the Skyboom Shield.
  • The Star Saber isn't destroyed.
  • Optimus doesn't face Megatron alone.
  • The Forge of Solus Prime was taken from the Decepticons long before it was in canon.
The United Federation of Nations United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One Changes from Code Geass:
  • Nunnally can walk again without the need for cybernetic enhancements.
  • Kallen is present during the charter instead of being a captive.
  • The Damocles appears sooner than in canon.
  • The concept of an artificial Thought Elevator appears much earlier than in canon.
  • Megatron was the one who stole V.V.'s code instead of Charles.

Changes from Transformers Prime:

  • Bumblebee gets his voice much sooner than in canon. And its done by using the Forge of Solus Prime instead of him falling into Cyber Matter after being shot by Megatron.
Damocles Rises Final Battle of Tokyo II Changes from Code Geass:
  • Not having access to F.L.E.I.J.A. warheads, the Damocles instead use high-powered fusion cannons.
  • Instead of being launched from the Lancelot, the destructive blast is fired from the Damocles.
  • The Battle takes place in Darkmount, in the Britannian Homeland as opposed to Japan.
  • Lelouch is in shock after the explosion, not from Nunnally supposedly dying, but because Optimus Prime was severely injured and is near close to death.
  • Members of the Britannian Family defect of their own free will.

Changes from Transformers Prime:

  • Optimus is severely injured earlier than in the season 2 finale.
  • The Predacons appear a season earlier than they originally did.
The Demon and Dragon Cometh Prey Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • Starscream dies here, instead of living to the end.
  • Instead of Smokescreen, it's Lelouch who Optimus believes could be the next Prime.

Changes from Code Geass:

  • Schneizel, along with Britannia's remaining nobles and royals, dies instead of living to the end.
  • Lelouch reveals his identity to all the Black Knights.
The New Prime Rebellion Changes from Code Geass:
  • Instead of being sent to the Sun, Damocles is destroyed single-handedly by Optimus using the Star Saber.
The Calm Before The Storm Minus One Changes from Transformers Prime:
  • Soundwave abducts Cera and Nunnally, instead of Ratchet.
Forward, The Light Brigade Continuity Segments
  • Marianne's backstory is elaborated on more than was in canon.
One Shall Stand
One Shall Fall The Ragnorak Connection
  • Deadlock
  • Battlegrounds Part 1 (Segment Only)
Differences from Code Geass:
  • Instead of pleading to live and having Lelouch kill her, Marianne willingly sacrifices herself to save Lelouch after Megatron kills him.

Differences from Transformers Prime:

  • It isn't Bumblebee who tries to return the Star Saber to Optimus, only to be killed and resurrected moments later to kill Megatron, instead, it is Lelouch.
  • Megatron is completely erased from existence as opposed to merely dying, giving him no chance at resurrection.
  • Soundwave and Shockwave both die instead of living.
  • The Dark Star Saber is destroyed.
  • The Nemesis is destroyed.

Differences from Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015):

  • Instead of Optimus receiving a portion of the Primes' sparks to boost his power, it's Lelouch.
One Shall Rise Changes from Code Geass:
  • Lelouch is present for Ohgi and Chigusa's wedding.


  • United Federation of Nations
  • Decepticons
  • Holy Britannian Empire
    • Euro-Britannia
  • Kingdom of Zilkhistan

Major Events[]

  • The Battle between Primus and Unicron (Pre-Fanfic)

The Great Cybertronian War (Pre-Fanfic but had ended in the first chapter of R1: Rebellion)[]

  • Dark Energon Crisis (Pre-Fanfic)
  • The Great Exodus of Cybertron (Takes place in R1, Chapter 1: Prologue)
  • Invasion Of Japan (Taking place between R1, Chapter 1: Prologue and R1, Chapter 2: Awakening)

The War for Earth (R1-R2)[]

  • Battle of Shinjuku (Started from R1, Chapter 2: Awakening and ended in R1, Chapter 4: Robots and Students in Disguise)
  • The Rescue of Suzaku Kururugi (Takes place in R1, Chapter 5: Their Names are Zero and Optimus Prime)
  • Battle of Saitama (Takes place in R1, Chapter 8: Duel of Steel)
  • Rescue at Lake Kawaguchi Center Hotel (Takes place in R1, Chapter 9: Knights for Justice and Freedom)
  • Energon Harvester Heist (Takes place in R1, Chapter 13: Geass Ex Machina)
  • Battle of Narita (Started from R1, Chapter 15: Dance of Metal and Fire and ended in R1, Chapter 16: Battle for Narita)
  • Skirmish at Port Yokosuka (Takes place in R1, Chapter 18: What is Justice?)
  • Battle for the Polarity Gauntlet (Takes place in R1, Chapter 21: United We Stand)
  • Mission to Australia (Takes place in R1, Chapter 22: Divided They Fall)
  • Battle for the Data-Cylinder (Takes place in R1, Chapter 24: TMI)
  • The Rescue of Kyoshiro Tohdoh (Takes place in R1, Chapter 26: Knights and Miracle Workers)
  • Skirmish on Shikine Island (Takes place in R1, Chapter 27: Tropical Skirmish)
  • Invasion of the Chinese Federation (Started from R1, Chapter 29: The Patch Paradox and ended in R1, Chapter 30: Battle at Kyushu)
  • Fall of the Holy Britannian Empire (Started from R1, Chapter 31: School Festival Declaration and ended in R2, Chapter 1: Renewed Revolution)
    • Special Administrative Zone Massacre (Started from R1, Chapter 32: Facade of Blood and ended in R1, Chapter 33: Setting the Stage)
    • Invasion of Pendragon (Takes place in R1, Chapter 34: Fall of Britannia)
    • Black Rebellion (Started from R1, Chapter 33: Setting the Stage and ended in R1, Chapter 35: Rise of the Decepticons)
      • Quelling of the Black Rebellion (Takes place in R1, Chapter 35: Rise of the Decepticons)
    • Defense of New Kaon (Takes place in R2, Chapter 1: Renewed Revolution)
    • Conquest of the Britannian Territories (Takes place in R2, Chapter 1: Renewed Revolution)
  • The Destruction of Mt. Fuji (Takes place in R2, Chapter 1: Renewed Revolution)
  • Battle for the Ark (Takes place in R2, Chapter 5: Battle for the Ark)
  • Siege of Castle Weisswolf (Takes place in R2, Chapter 14: Siege of Castle Weisswolf)
  • Liberation of the Chinese Federation (Takes place in R2, Chapter 15: A Different Kind of Engagement)
  • Hunt for the Iacon Relics (Started from R2, Chapter 18: Tunnel Vision and ended in R2, Chapter 27: The Sword in the Stone)
  • Geass War (Started from R2, Chapter 28: War on Geass and ended in R2, Chapter 29: Light and Darkness)
  • The Damocles Crisis (Started from R2, Chapter 31: Damocles Rises and ended in R2, Chapter 33: The New Prime)
    • The Battle of New Kaon (Takes place in R2, Chapter 31: Damocles Rises)
    • Takeover of Damocles Base (Takes place in R2, Chapter 32: The Demon and Dragon Cometh)
    • The Battle of Horai Island (Takes place in R2, Chapter 33: The New Prime)
  • Neo-Ragnarök (Started from R2, Chapter 35: Forward, the Light Brigade and ended in R2, Chapter 37: One Shall Fall)