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Code and Test

Code and Test: Summoned Robots is a fanfiction by RaiZero on FanFiction.Net that is a crossover of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and Code Geass.


The basic premise of the story is elements of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu inside of an Alsternate Universe of Code Geass. In this universe, students whom attend Ashford Academy are sorted into different classes. There are 6 classes ranging from A to F with A being the smartest and F the dumbest.

In order to get placed, each student is to take a Placement Test. Depending on how well you did, you will be given a certain class. If you are in A you will be given the best rooms with the best teachers and best education. If you are in F you will be given the worst room, teacher, and education. However, to get to a better level you can declare a Summoned Robot War upon another class. If you win the war, you will be leveled up. If you lose, you will be leveled down and forced to take Supplementary classes on weekends.

To fight wars, you will be given Summoned Robots, which are basically chibi versions of the famous knightmare frames. But, the option to customize your Summoned Robot is available, only through attaining a high score on your exams or by entering a Coding Class. In the Coding Class, you must make up a Summoned Robot from scratch. With score points, you can customize via the Online Ashford Store, but the products there aren't as good as Coding one yourself.


Lelouch Lamperouge is a smart student and a famous Coder around Ashford Academy. However, during Placement Exams at the end of his Sohpomore Year, his friend Euphemia was sick and due to him leaving class with her to the Infirmiray, he and Euphie recieved the score of 0 on their exams, landing them in Class F. Once in that class, they find many of their friends there as well who either left during the middle of exams, didn't attend, or just got a terrible score.

After seeing the terrible conditions their classroom is in, Lelouch decides to rally his classmates and create a Summoned Robot Army that will be able to destroy the other classes in battle despite being the lowest class in school. His friends like the idea and join the new group known as the, Black Knights of Ashford.



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