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The Conquest of the Britannian Territories were a world-wide attack by The Decepticon Empire against Britannian's remaining Areas.


After the Decepticons launched a successful invasion on Britannia's capital Pendragon and killed Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Remnants of the Britannian army, including the Knights of the Round tried and failed to retake the capital city, now renamed New Kaon. With the Autobot/Black Knight alliance forced to go underground, nothing stood in the way of the Decepticons as they began their conquest.


Starscream and his Seeker armada flew towards Area 18 (Saudi Arabia) where they joined forces with Middle Eastern Rebels to battle the Britannian military force lead by Duke Calares. The Seekers obliterated multiple Knightmares allowing the rebels to push the enemy back. Decepticon Seeker, Slipstream targeted Calares's mobile base and destroyed it, killing him. When the battle was over, the Seekers turned on the rebels.

At Area 6 (Amazon Rainforest), the Insecticon horde marched through the jungle, bulldozing anything in their path. One of Charles zi Brittania's consorts, Victoria was murdered by Airachnid.

Squadron X assaulted Area 9's mountain base (New Zealand). The leader, Barricade successfully breach through the base's defenses allowing his team to immediately carry out their tasks. Several officers attempted to flee only for their air transports be destroyed by Blackout. Princes, Castor and Pollux rui Britannia were promptly captured by Blitzwing and Lugnut.

Decepticon, Sky-Byte attacked Area 15 (Southern Pacific Islands) where he single-handedly disabled all of Anticlea eu Britannia's entire fleet without loss of life. Sky-Bite had captured Anticlea.

Area 24 (Spain) was under sieged by Bruticus and the Decepticons who proceeded to slaughter all military personnel. Marybell mel Britannia and her Glinda Knights were able to escape the massacre thanks to General Johann Schwarzer who distracted the Cons by detonating his base, killing himself and nearby enemies.


Within half a year, the Holy Britannian Empire was completely conquered. The entire population as well as the Numbers were rounded up and enslaved and forced into slave labor, mining Energon for their oppressors.

The only factions of Britannia that were left free from the Deceptions's grasps were Euro-Britannia and the Glinda Knights who actually went into hiding in Euro-Britannia.

The world superpowers and other countries learnt about the fate of Britannia and chose not to engage against the Decepticons, lest they suffer the same fate.