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"Why use F.L.E.I.J.A? Just leave yourself to the hope that the weapon will hit, no! Dagda's Cannon will personally make sure the Job is done. All that is required, the final the will to pull the Trigger!" - quoted from Maximillion as he spoke to a group of his Inner Circle.

An Aerial Fortress considered to be so powerful that it can survive an attack from multiple F.L.E.I.J.A. warheads, its design is unique and it is the most advanced Vehicle of the Code Geass Universe (not including the SSTS-01 New World), its most feared weapon is a Charged Particle Cannon that looks like a Cyclops Eye and is powerful enough to burn Cities the size of Pendragon to the ground.

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Dagda-Class Sky Fortress[]


  • 2.5 Kilometer

Width: []

  • 3 Kilometer


  • 2 Kilometers

Unit type:[]

  • Fleet HQ/Superweapon Platform/Aerial Fortress Type Vehicle

Design Brainchild:[]

Contracted Shipyard:[]

  • Panama Naval Base


  • 1x Charged Particle Cannon, looks like a Cyclops Eye, powerful enough to cut through a shield five times that of the Democles and still do considerable damage to the target protected by the Shield.
  • 600x Large Missile Launchers
  • 5000x Small Missile Launchers
  • 10000x Pulse-Type Particle CIWS Linear Cannons
  • 1x "Slash Blade" MVS Blade, located spining at the bottom of the fortress and used to cut through enemy ships and fleets.


  • Zeus high Particle drive, a system in the near rear of the ship that uses a charge from radiation to create energy and also circulate it with usage from the Blooming effect of Large Gefjun Disturber System and the energy absorbing field created by Thomas Harvey
  • Fenrir High Speed Booster engine, a speed increasing device that can triple the ship’s speed for long distance travel, located at the domed area at the back of the ship
  • Custom "Blaze Luminous" MSV particle Energy shield that blocks MVS Weapons, Radiation and Hadron Shots but has limited protection against bullets and missiles
  • Energy Armour, specialised armour that makes bullets and missile useless, it also allows the ship to take on its colour scheme
  • Large Float System used for support with a few Verniers for speedy movement
  • 8x Linear catapult, built into top location around rhw Charged Particle Cannon
  • Neo-Druid system analysis complex
  • Optical Camouflage System
  • Large Gefjun Disturber System

Knightmare Frame Complement:[]


  • Supreme Commander Maximillion ‘Max/Maxi’ Vi Britannia or Maximillion Xi Britannia
  • Executive Officer/Grand Admiral Richard Leo
  • Executive Officer/Admiral Seitz Kururugi