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Dash ri Britannia
  • Son of the Demon King
  • First Prince of Britannia
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 152 lbs


Geass None
Special Traits
  • Genius Intellect
  • Master Strategist/Tactician
  • Ace Knightmare Pilot
  • Expert Marksman
  • Master Martial Artist
Theme Song Blu Tiger from Code Geass R2
Military Info
  • Holy Britannian Empire
  • Prince of Britannia
Units Piloted
  • BKB-013 Glasgow Slash
Dash ri Britannia

Dash ri Britannia is the son of the former 100th Emperor of Britannia and 1st Emperor of Briton, and former Code-Bearer R.R. He takes up the role as Britannian Emperor is a main character in the story, Code Geass R3: Sons of Demons.


Dash looks like his father in some aspects, having his jawline and violet eyes, but his brown hair and skin tone are from his mother, R.R. He has the same height as his father and same strength as well.

He wears a fancy tuxedo with an ascot and a cape that clips itself onto his suit's top button on the front and on the back. His suit is colored black with silver lining and he wears grey slacks and black boots.

For common everyday wear he has a black jacket over a white shirt with grey skinny jeans and black Nobles, which are the same as the real life Jordans.

He also wears a gold necklace with a hexagonal shaped pendant that has a derivative of the Geass symbol on it.


Early Life[]

Dash was born to Rachel ri Britannia and was raised by her as well as Nunnally vi Britania and Cornelia li Britannia. He had a twin sister whom drowned at a young age when they were twelve years old. He was sent to a private school with many other nobles and their children, but his identity was kept a secret to avoid bullying and harrassment.

West Point[]

He was sent to West Point to train under his aunt, Cornelia li Britannia. He first learned the basics of military training and then strategic planning. Soon after he began knightmare piloting and became an ace pilot quickly. He graduated from West Point in 2037 after managing to defeat his aunt and her husband in a duel. His victory gained him a great reputation in Britannia, but to the outer world he was the evil spawn of the Demon King.

Ikaruga Stadium[]

He signed up for the Japanese Knight Battles in Tokyo which was a tournament of Knightmare battles between representatives sent from countries and companies of the world which wasn't mandatory. He participated, using a customized Glasgow to fight with a modifed Lancelot Club and he was winning the battle, but before he could end the fight, Nemean knightmares from Peace Mark attacked the arena, killing the pilot of the JKB-052 Shallot and beginning a battle between three guarding Akatsuki units and three custom knightmares, including Dash's Glasgow. The defending forces reigned victorious, but one of the Nemean machines had caused damage to the arena and a person fell from the seating down into the hand of Dash's Glasgow, saving his life.

Dash met with this person and discovered him to be his cousin, Arthur Lamperouge. After exchanging few words, Dash left to avoid suspicion that Britannia was responsible for the attack.