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Deacons are the rank and file members of the Geass Orders military, the Knights Templar. they are not only chosen for their combat and training prowess but also for their Fanatical belief and willingness to sacrifice a number of people including themselves to ensure the geass orders goals prevail.


The Deacon armour equals to the Britannian Combat Armour. They wear form-fitting uniforms, a right pauldron spanning from the right shoulder to the right chest and a left one and a edged pauldron on the left, two-bladed knives placed on the left wrist for close quarters, the helmet is more advanced than its britannian counterpart, it has a vision which are Bio (see any living thing) and thermal (Locate any heat source) a camera and voice recorder integrated on both visors and the triangle placed beneath them to record what did they saw, said or heard by the time they die, and air filter inside which is capable of lasting for a day. inside the back of helmet is a chip placed at the nape which activates a fail safe immediately after the soldier is either dead, immobilized or captured which will cause it to explode; killing the soldier and destroying the individual components of the armour.


GD-15 Assault Rifle[]

Their commonly used weapon capable. Being recoiless and having a fast rapid fire, and armour piercing bullets, a single soldier with GD-15 can turn an entire crowd of people into shreded pieces of flesh in a matter of seconds.

Wrist Blade[]

it is used for CQC, the blade can either pierce through a thick armour and easily slice the body. when the button near the wrist is pressed, it will emit a blue laser and when released, it will launched the blades which is attached on a cable at the targeted location. this could also be used as a whip.