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The Defense of New Kaon was a battle between the Decepticon Empire and the Britannian remnants.


After taking over Pendragon, Megatron sent out a call across the Galaxy to any active Decepticons to come to Earth. Two weeks later, the Decepticon's numbers had doubled. Included among them were specialized groups of Decepticons like the Combiner teams, the Constructicons and the Combaticons.

Meanwhile, the Knights of Rounds managed to get into contact with the Britannian Pacific Fleet and they immediately began mounting an assault to reclaim their homeland. The Knight of Rounds lead the Knightmares while Alicia Lohmeyer commanded the ships.

When the fleet arrived, the Decepticons were about to retaliate but Scheinzel el Britannia convinced them to allow him and try to convince his fellow Britannians to stand down. However, the Britannians refused and proceeded to continue their assault.


The first to engage the Remnants were the Constructicons who merged together and became Devastator. The Knightmare pilots were too distracted at what they just witnessed allowing Devastator to take advantage and killed Dorothea with his drill. The Knightmares attempted to fly away and keep their distance from the giant but Devastator opened his chest plate and activated a powerful turbine that sucked any poor Knightmares into it and shredded them to pieces.

The Combaticons entered the battle via a dropship. Upon seeing it, Lohmeyer ordered the fleet to take it out but their missiles were intercepted by Vortex and Blast Off's attacks. When the dropship was close, Onslaught ordered his Combaticons to combine and transformed into Bruticus.

Bruticus decimated the fleet using his superior strength and advanced armaments. When the Pacific fleet attempted to launch their aquatic Knightmares, Bruticus fired his Sonic Pain Wave Attack that destroyed the mechs and a number of ships. Only Alicia's Aircraft Carrier was left after Bruticus destroyed the rest. Bruticus got onboard and marched towards the ship's bridge all the while ignoring the Britannians' pathetic attempts to slow him down. Once he was at his destination, Bruticus used his flame thrower and burned Alicia and her officers alive.

Back with Devastator and the Knights of Rounds, things were not in favor for the latter group. The Mordred and its escorts fired everything they had against Devastator who was barely affected by it. Devastator then swung his right arm, taking out all of the Mordred's escorts. The Tristian was rendered inoperable after Devastator's drill sent it crashing.

The Galahad was the only one able to hinder the giant transformer thanks to Bismarck's Geass allowing him to see into the future. Every time Devastator tried to attack, the Galahad would avoid them and slashed back. After unable to land a hit on the Galahad, Devastator was given permission to use the Geass Canceller, disabling Bismarck's power. The Galahad lost its advantage leading it to be caught in Devastator's grip. The Combiner crushed the Galahad, killing Bismarck.

The Mordred was the only one left and it was immediately taken down. Anya and Gino were the only survivors of their entire force and were captured by Decepticon force led by Starscream.


With the threat over, Megatron ordered his Decepticons to venture out and conquer Britannia's remaining territories.

Following their capture, Anya and Gino were forcibly conscripted into the Dark Knights, a group of Britannians that served the Decepticons. Their Knightmares are implanted with bombs to ensure their loyalty.