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Juto and Zephie

The Divine Empire Series is an AU of the Code Geass Series speaking of the opposite Royal parallel to Lelouch, it concludes into three Parts: Unholy Rebellion, Holy Revolution and the Divine Empire.


The Holy Empire of Britannia has long since invaded Japan and has been using the resources of the nation to feed the Britannian War Machine, now Zero will stand against the tyranny of the Holy Britannian Empire while the Messiah of that Empire will seek a Revolution that will evolve the Nation into the defenders of Humanity, can their goals coincide or will they destroy each other?

Seasons and Arcs[]

Season One: The Unholy Rebellion[]

Season Two: The Holy Revolution[]

Season Three: The Divine Empire[]

Divine Empire Terminology[]


  • This Fanfiction looks at a potential half-sibling in the Royal Family with capabilities in Politics and Combat Strategy, contrasting Schneizel's manipulative nature and Wide-scale Strategical Capabilities.