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Du Loc Skyscraper - Located in Panama

A Organization build by Maximillion Vi Britannia, it was made of the remains belonging to the SDFRDT (Special Deployment Forerunner Research and Development Team), since its first creation was the Maleagant which was based off schematics left behind by Lloyd when he formed Camelot, Maximillion renamed it the Du Loc Organization.


Collapse of the SDFRDT and Maximillion[]

After Lloyd and Cecile left with a group of the major researchers in the Special Deployment Forerunner Research and Development Team upon getting new funding from Schneizel, Thomas Harvey and his team of Researchers absorbed the collpasing Organization into their own Ranks however before Thomas set about rivaling Lloyd in research, he was recruited by Maximillion Vi Britannia whom renamed the SDFRDT as the Du Loc Organization.

Du Loc Organization and the Invasion of Japan[]


Knightmare Frames[]

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Mass/Limited Production:[]

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