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"The Duchy Class Air Battleship is quite an impressive airship design if I do say so General. Britannia and Douglas knew what they were doing when designing her. Unlike the smaller City Class Air Destroyer, the Duchy Class is quite capable of flying over the Atlantic Ocean and into the Europe mainland if given a chance. Mainly due to its larger batteries and having four main batteries instead of two. That said, General, there are quite a few different rumors I got from a couple of intelligence reports that describe the ships as 'Love Boats' and 'Sky Hotels' mainly thanks in part to them sometimes serving as personal transports of members of the Imperial Family and in a few instances lower Noble families. Due to this, the interiors of the ships are quite lavish and sport a few different comforts a normal warship would not have with the likes of game rooms, which include the likes of pool tables and very comfortable quarters for a single member of the ship's crew. I really do not know if I could trust these reports, sir, but if they are true, then such trivialities do not take away from the ship's overall martial prowess..."
―Taken from a report penned by Lieutenant Colonel Frederick von Steiner of the Fifth Division of the Zeppelin Corps, United Europia Air Force

The Duchy Class Air Battleship, sometimes known to many as Love Boats and Sky Hotels, are the armored heavy fist of the Royal Air Force's Air Fleet. They sport a large amount of weapons, and a vastly larger hangar then any other airship of the Air Fleet. Allowing these ships to not only take the fight to enemy airships but also carry numerous combat VTOLs and even a handful of heavy bombers if given the chance. However, as their nicknames can tell these ships are not just simple combat airships but are often called upon to transport members of the Imperial Family and higher-ranked Nobles when they need to be transported somewhere outside of the Empire itself. Thanks to this the interiors and such of the ships are quite lavish and provide numerous examples of extra comforts any sort of warships normally would not sport, including things a small-sized throne room for the use of members of the Imperial Family and even a private pool or full-on private gardens onboard. Due to this several ships of the class have vastly different interiors and can be said to be hand-built to be different from one another. This would later be fully explored in the slightly larger Britannia Sub-Class which are purposefully built to serve as private transports and flagships of members of the Imperial Family. By the time of the aftermath of the Black Rebellion in Area 11 the Duchy Class would started to be refitted with new technology and ideas introduced by the Fifth Generation Airship Design Prototype the Avalon while also a new similar-looking replacement was in the works to be built, the Logres Class Air Battleship which could be said to be the final subclass of the main class.


The Duchy Class Air Battleship possesses a vastly different hull design then the other recently introduced Fourth Generation Airship Design, the City Class Air Destroyer, which followed a more naval-looking hull design. Meanwhile, the Duchy Class followed a more heavy aircraft looking hull design with a sort of flying wing design, a design that was said to be a failed design idea during the dark days of the Europian Civil War and the First Pacific War. This meant that the new Air Battleship's entire hull looked like a sort of large wing though it differed from the original flying wing design with a few different changes including the ends of the wing being slightly canted allowing a bit more to its ability to generate lift. As well has sporting a second flying wing-like hull that almost mirrors the first along the ship's ventral side giving the large air battleship a sort of double-wing like hull design. Also like the City Class the Duchy Class sports several different ailerons and large flaps to these double flying wings to better allow the airship to more easily maneuver in the air. The rest of the ship's hull sports the two small double-stacks of engine compartments which contain the ship's four Float Units. Then in the "middle" between the double-wing like design is the ship's large central hangar facility complete with two VTOL Catapults along either side of the ship's hangar, and a single more centrally mounted larger catapult for larger aircraft. As the Duchy Class was designed to serve as a carrier for larger bomber aircraft when needed.

Again like the Duchy Class before it, the Duchy Class Air Battleship retained a similar look to every ship of its class, though the Britannia Sub-Class and a couple other ships of the main class that were purposely built to serve as private transport of high end nobles would be a bit different overall. Still the only difference between the different ships of the main class would be the differing paint schemes of the ships. With the main hull color of the class being an almost pearly white color different from the light gray of its often escorting City Class Air Destroyers. The secondary color meanwhile, would be different depending on which Air Group a ship was assigned. While those in the service of different noble families have their own color schemes that set their ships apart from the standard ships of the class. Meanwhile, the ships of the Britannia Sub-Class sport the colors of the Imperial Family and its many different offshoot Houses. For example, the Great Britannia the private flagship of the Emperor himself sported the green and gold colors of his mother's own House of zi Britannia, while the Glorious Britannia the newest ship of the class to be introduced would sport the violet and gold colors of the pretty much dead House of vi Britannia due to it serving as the private transport of Sixth Princess Nunnally vi Britannia. These ships would also sport the family shield of the Noble Family or Imperial House on their hulls somewhere, often bellow the ship's bridge tower or on one of the wings.

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Duchy Class Air Battleship - A List of Ships
Production Bloc One - New England Subclass
Ship Name Pennant Number Status Ship Name Pennant Number Status
HMAS New England AB01 Active HMAS Rhode Island AB04 Active
HMAS New York AB02/RH33 Retired1 HMAS New Plymouth AB05 Active
HMAS New Brunswick AB03 Destroyed2 HMAS Londinium AB06 Active
Production Bloc Two - New Jersey Subclass
HMAS New Jersey AB07 Active

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