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Having realized that the battle was a trap to lure him and the rest of the Autobots out in the open, Optimus ordered his men and their allies to retreat. Unfortunately, Lelouch was cornered by Viceroy Cornelia. So the Last Prime then came to Lelouch's rescue in order to prevent his identity as Zero from being exposed.

Optimus demanded a duel between himself and Cornelia. If Optimus won, Cornelia had to vow as a member of the Britannian Royal family to never endanger civilian lives, whether they are Eleven, Britannian or any other nationality. If Cornelia won, Optimus would reveal information about a certain sibling of hers. Cornelia agreed to the terms and confronted Optimus Prime.


Cornelia was the first to act by firing her rifle at Optimus. Optimus dodged the shots before retaliating with his Energon blasters. Cornelia then shot her Gloucester right at Optimus and fired her slash harkens at him. To her surprise, the Autobot leader jumped over and landed right behind her before he delivered a powerful kick to her Knightmare's back.

Getting her Knightmare up, Cornelia once more charged at Optimus and shot her jousting lance right at him. Prime then converted his right hand into a blade and parried the attack. The Britannian Viceroy tried again only to be met the same result. She headed straight back at him, seemingly to try a third time only for her to fire her slash harkens into the ground, launching her up over Optimus. Optimus rolled away before the Gloucester came back down and took out its rifle. However, Optimus had already transformed his blade back into a blaster and destroyed the weapon.

The two then resorted to using their melee weapons. Cornelia shot again, preparing her lance. Optimus readied to block it but then, Cornelia held back the lance and threw her Gloucester's left arm for a punch. Optimus blocked the punch but left his right flank vulnerable allowing Cornelia to shoot past him and cut him, leaving a small wound on his frame.

Thinking that her victory was absolute, Cornelia brags to her men, deeming the Autobots are not the invincible juggernauts so many claimed them to be. But then, Optimus, not even fazed by the wound inflicted upon him, called out Cornalia's arrogance. This angered Cornelia to drive her Gloucester and attempted to impale the Autobot leader.

To everyone's surprise, Optimus grabbed hold of the Gloucester's lance. Using Cornelia's own momentum, Optimus lifted the Gloucester up and threw the machine across the ground.

Cornelia tried to get up and was shocked that Optimus had already converged unto her. She used her lance once more but Optimus slashed through not only the lance but also the right arm that held the weapon. The Viceroy threw a punch. Optimus caught the attack before crushing the fist. With Cornelia's Knightmare now incapable to retaliate, the Prime proceeded to deliver a series of punches that devastated the machine but withheld some of his strength enough to not kill the pilot.

Optimus then delivered a punch so powerful that it sent the Gloucester's head flying. Optimus drew his blade and slashed through the Gloucester's abdomen-area, rendering the machine inoperable, finishing the fight.


With Prime as the victor of the duel, he along with Bumblebee, Lelouch and C.C. left the battlefield and returned to the Ark.

This victory also caused the Kozuki Resistance Cell and Yamato Alliance to further place their trust on the Autobots who showed them that Britannia can be beaten back.

Having lost, Cornelia was forced to honor the terms of her agreement with Optimus, thus stopped her campaign and let the people of Saitama to go free. However, she swore that she'll get revenge on the Autobot leader for humiliating her in front of her men, thus starting a one-sided rivalry for Cornelia.