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African Union[]

African Union (AU) - A republic, located in Africa.


Flag of the AU

Empire of Russia[]

Empire of Russia (ER) - An empire.

20120812153730!Flag of Russia

The flag of the ER

United America[]

United America (UA) - A monarchy.


The flag of the UA

Roman Empire[]

Roman Empire (RE) - An empire.

Flag of Rome

The flag of the RE

British Empire[]

British Empire (BE) - An empire.


The Flag of the BE

American Republic[]

American Republic (AR) - A republic.

Uturuncos-895093 960 720

The flag of the AR

Indian Empire[]

Indian Empire (IE) - An Empire


The flag of the IE

Australia and Zealand[]

Australia and Zealand (AZ) - A republic.

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The flag of the AZ

Arab Sultanate[]

Arab Sultanate (AS)- A sultanate.

Flag of the Ottoman Empire

The flag of the AS

Republic of Japan[]

Republic of Japan (RJ) - A republic.

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The flag of the RJ

European Federation[]

European Federation (EF) - A monarchy.


The flag of the EF