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Eddard Stark is the Earl of Winterfell, Grand Duke of Northumberland, Duke of Nightfall, and Chancellor of the Holy Britannian Empire. He is one of the central protagonists of Game of Geass.


Eddard has a long face and long brown hair. He is thirty-five, but his closely-trimmed beard is beginning to grey, making him look older than his years. His dark grey eyes reflect his moods, turning soft as fog or hard as stone. Eddard is shorter and less handsome than his older brother Brandon had been, according to Catelyn Stark; however, she also states that Ned has a "good sweet heart beneath his solemn face". He is fiercely protective of his wife and children, whom he loves deeply.

Eddard is known for his unwavering sense of honor and justice and his family finds him kind, although some consider his reserved personality a sign of coldness and disdain. Among his enemies, Eddard has the reputation of having cold, judgmental eyes thought to reflect his frozen heart.


Eddard Stark was born on December 21, 1974, in Winterfell, Northumberland, in Britannia, to Rickard Stark, then the Earl of Winterfell, Grand Duke of Northumberland, and Duke of Nightfall, and Lyarra Stark, Rickard's distant cousin. He had one older brother, Brandon, and two younger siblings, Lyanna and Benjen. In 1982, at the age of eight, he was fostered in Eyrieton (Calgary) by Jon Arryn, Duke of Valewall. There, he befriended the future 97th Emperor Robert Baratheon, with Robert becoming a surrogate brother to him. By the time he turned sixteen, Eddard had become an adult in all but legal status and divided his time between Winterfell and Eyrieton. During one of his visits to Winterfell, Eddard carried a wedding proposal from Robert to his father, Rickard, who agreed to betroth his daughter Lyanna to Eddard's friend. When Lyanna later expressed that her belief that Robert would never keep to one bed, having heard about Mya Stone, Robert's bastard daughter in Valewall, Eddard recalled having seen the child, and was unable to deny her existence.

This, however, would soon become moot. In 1991, Walter Whent, Earl of Harrenhal (Winnipeg), held a great tournament in Harrenhal, Riverford, to celebrate the 16th birthday of his daughter, Karla Whent.

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